Good news!!!!!!!!

My oncologist called and said he spoke with the radiation team and they agree I am a good candidate for target radiation. The only catch is the team is not satisfied with the ct scan of my brain I had on nov. 28 and they want me to do MRI on my brain tomarrow . (I'm wondering why we did the ct and got so excited that it was clear). Any way so I'm doing that and getting my port installed tomarrow and start chemo Monday morning ( cisplatin and etopiside), it will happen three days in a row then wait 3 weeks and go again. Radiation will start on 2nd or 3rd round of chemo. Fingers crossed MRI turns out clear!!!! I honestly feel more optimistic than I have in a while.

Best wishes to all,


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  • The use CT to look at meat but mri looks at plumbing ... But not 100% if I got it in right order.

    Glad ya good candidate fingers crossed for ya

  • Thanks for the info


  • Congratulations! You must be very relieved that there's a plan well laid out.

    I have non small cell but this is the same doublet I was given. I'm glad they will be doing part of that treatment concurrently. There is a synergistic effect. The sum of the parts becomes greater than the whole. The chemo kind of softens the cancer up and causes it to respond to the radiation more completely.

    Expect fatigue to be profound. Use a stool softener daily, stay well hydrated, take all medications exactly as directed and you'll do well.

  • Thanks Denzie,

    I'm sure I will have questions for you as I go along. Thanks for the info


  • Good news that you have a treatment plan! Time to Rock and Roll! Best wishes.

  • So glad you received such good news!! I am continuing to send you positive thoughts throughout this journey! Let us how everything is going.


  • Good for you! I went through it this time last year. When do you make your mask?

  • They haven't said when exactly we are starting radiation just that it would be on second or third round

  • Gotcha,

    Take care warrior friend. Drink water before during and after. Thoughts and prayers 🙃

  • God bless you. It sounds like their on top of things. I was given both chemo drugs at the same time with radiation. Just make sure you take the steroids and anti nausea medication they prescribe.

  • Good luck. Chemo is challenging, but feel your mental place plays a big role. My first round made me very sick. I let my anxiety make me much sicker than I should have. After the first round, I psyched myself for a better outcome. I feel in the end it made me a much stronger person. Hang in there. Allow yourself to express yourself to those around you. It will truly help!

  • Well, gosh. Please keep us updated, and let us know about the MRI. Now you have the battle plan, great advice from those who have been there, and so you move forward and fight with all you've got. Trust your instincts and what your body is telling you as you go along, and remember to let your medical team know about any side effects you are having!

  • Good news indeed!

    MRIs are the preferred imaging technology for examining the brain - I've had many over the years to monitor my MS. They take longer than CTs and are much noisier. Be happy you are getting one upfront, even if the scan is clear you will have a good baseline for follow-up. An ongoing complaint of lung cancer patients is that brain MRIs are not part of standard care in the absence of symptoms, but brain metastasis is pretty common.

    I'm curious - which cancer center did you decide to work with? Whichever one it is, they are moving right along now.


  • I'm going with Vanderbilt in nashville,tn

    Thanks for info

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