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I probably sound like a cry baby to most of you because I'm always complaining about the wait. But I was told I have one of if not the most aggressive types of cancer (sslc), about 3 weeks ago and have not received treatment yet. I've had ct of head, also pet scan, and both are clear as of Friday . Cancer treatment centers of America was where I made my original apt. But they are 4.5 hours away. Also when i made the apt. Was before thanksgiving so the earliest apt for my 3 day evaluation was the 7th( today). But the Monday after thanksgiving I decided to get another opinion at Vanderbilt medical center which is a top rated cancer center and only 45 min from my home. They made it sound like they could get started right away so I have wrestled with the decision of which route to take ever since. I decided to not cancel appointment at ctca and just proceed as though I was going to Vanderbilt but keeping ctca option open. My mind has changed several times over past few days but had to make final decision yesterday and decided to go with Vanderbilt . They were suppose to call me yesterday with apt to start chemo , still haven't heard anything just left message number 2. Thinking maybe made wrong decision .

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  • RwHayes, Vanderbil is considered an NCI designated cancer center - see:

    So, you should be in great hands. I am glad you are calling them, though. You should never be hesitant to find out where things stand, you deserve that peace of mind...and you want to always make sure something wasn't missed...or forgotten. Dealing with humans, right?

    I do have a Resource Guide on help with travel expenses and housing if you ever do have to travel for treatment - so just let me know if you would like me to email that to you (

    Being anxious to get going is completely reasonable, I don't blame you. And I am glad you come here to vent - everyone understands, I am sure.

    Comforting thoughts coming your way....

  • You have every right to your feelings. You've had a nasty diagnosis. Vanderbilt is an excellent facility and I hope they do everything possible to earn your trust. They're off to a shaky start.

    Contact the Lung Cancer Nurse Navigator. They will help you get this moving quicker.

  • There are a few clinical trials going on for SCLC. If you want to explore those opbtions ask your onco about immunotherapy for first line treatment

    There are also clinical trials for relapsed, my husband is on currently on it.

    There is also a combination chemo / immuno

    Some oncos are very keen on offering it, but some aren't but please ask about it.

  • Thanks vivi6121,

    He did talk about a possiblity of joining a test group with the immunotherapy before we were sure I could have radiation. I'm not sure if I still can or not but I will definitely add that question to my list. Thanks for taking the time to respond, I'm always thankful for any advise you can give me.

    Best wishes ,


  • When you call, and I suggest you call back again, don't leave a message press 0 to get to the operator and explain that you have left 2 messages already and could they please allow you to talk to someone right away. I'm sure you made the right decision as they are very well known and very good from what I've read and understand. Good luck, and don't ever consider yourself a cry baby or anything else for that matter. This is YOUR life and you have the right to say and do whatever it takes to make YOU happy. We are all here for you ~ Linda

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