More good news but still waiting

Did my pet scan today and was supposed to get results in 2 hrs but scheduling got crossed up and radiologist who reads pet scans at Vanderbilt left 5 min before my scan was complete. I was a little upset but I felt better when my oncologist called me on my way home and said although he wasn't qualified to read it it looked to him like it was all clear except for the one mass in my upper left lung. I honestly don't think anyone was expecting that to be the case. I think with it being small cell and the size of the primary everyone just assumed all the small nodules in the other lung would be cancer too.

So fingers are crossed still and I'm trying to be patient still.

Thanks, RW

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  • Some good news for the weekend! Glad to read this.

    It's interesting how our perception of what is good news changes once we find ourselves dealing with cancer, isn't it?


  • Ain't that the truth

  • Thanks Anita ,

    It sure is,I was just thinking about that when I read your response . These days a slight glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel is worth everything. But I'm definitely not complaining because one thing I asked god to do is keep giving me hope so I'm satisfied.

    Although this is not how I pictured my life at 41.

  • Glad you got good news! I know the wait is the worst. Hoping you continue to receive good news.

  • I'm so glad you're oncologist called to give you some peace of mind. Stay positive! God bless you.

  • That's a super oncologist. And sensitive to the patients needs as well. Great news too. Enjoy your weekend.

  • I hope you get good results

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