Starting CyberKnife radiation treatments

Well it's finally getting a little closer it's been a long process getting ready to do the CyberKnife treatment just waiting for the doctor to call all procedures are done markers are placed breathing cat scan is done program into the CyberKnife done. I will be getting three treatments one hour each a little nervous but very excited ready to get this done

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  • Go get 'em!

    Being nervous is natural, but you are obviously so ready to do this. Waiting is just such a trial..but also a gift - time to settle ourselves, find that inner strength and then move forward. Please take care of yourself, and let us know how it is going !!!!

  • Thank you very much Peggy

  • What Peggy said! Go kick that cancer pack into the Pleistocene era.

  • stuheit I will be thinking of you. Your a very strong woman. Having to wait so long now the time is here and you will be just fine. Remember your guardian angel is beside you. Jo

  • Stuheit, wishing you well and a comfortable recovery. Congrats on finally having all the pieces in place and moving forward!

  • Thank you all for all your support I start my CyberKnife treatment on December 13th I will have 3 different treatments an hour each I pray I will walk away cancer free

  • Started my CyberKnife radiation treatments last week I will have three one-hour sessions today is my last one praying that it did its job and destroy the tumour won't know for a few months feeling hopeful thank you all

  • Crossing my fingers and praying for wonderful news down the line.....

  • Thank you I will know if it worked in March but got bad new they found more masses in my right lung again

  • Oh, so sorry to hear that. Dang.

    Will keep praying for great news in March!!!!!

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