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Hello all I am one step closer to getting my first treatment, it was originally going to be on the 10th but I think I may get to start sooner maybe on the 5th. I had ct scan of head yesterday and just found out it's all clear and no evidence of cancer. Also blood work came back good suggesting no liver or kidney disease so I am very thankful for that. I am not feeling very good though I have a low fever feeling that won't go away any more and some pretty bad rib pain I'm hopping will get better soon after I start treatments.

Best of luck and prayers to everyone,


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  • Woohoo! Clear MRI and liver and kidneys strong enough for treatment. Sending hope that you so well.

    Do keep well hydrated. The extra fluids tend to wash all the electrolytes from the system so add a sports-type drink each day. Start taking stool softeners the day you start chemo. Also stock a laxative- senna is a natural one and works quite well. Take all steroids as directed and you greatly reduce the possibility of chemo induced vomiting and nausea.

  • Hey Denzie,

    Do you think my fever feeling, sweats, and rib pain will get better soon after starting treatment?

    Thanks, RW

  • Oh man *slaps forehead*. I'm kicking myself in the patootie for not addressing that.

    You need to report the fever to the dr before chemo. Chemo knocks your bodies immune system down. An infection that you might normally fend off can become life threatening. Have you been monitoring your temperature?

  • Prayers of healing for you RW. God bless

  • Wishing you the best. Drink lots of good quality water and organic green tea. Try to avoid sugary drinks like pop (soda). Someone gave me the advice to welcome the chemo into your body and imagine it working like pacman gobbling up the cancer cells.

  • Good luck with your treatments. I pray everything goes well for you.

  • A clear brain scan, liver and kidneys is good news. Yes, talk to your doctor ASAP about the fever. One thing - some patients with cancer have hot flashes - I've had them off and on myself. I hope that's the source of your feeling of fever. If so, treatment may help. Anita

  • Agree, agree, agree - call your physician about those fevers!

    How hopeful this all is, your tests clear and you are ready to take it all on. It is a long haul, but you seem up to the task! Also, you are well prepared by all the information this group offers - can't beat that!

    Of course, keep updating us and know we are holding you in our thoughts!

  • Clean MRI, liver and kidneys is such a gift! Best wishes

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