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So my Dad had been on Opdivo for a while, had a scan they felt they saw some pseudoprogression. His scan this week has shown new mets to his bone. My dad also has multiple myeloma but they are treating this new mets as if it is from the lung cancer. He is discontinuing Opdivo and they are starting the chemo drug Abraxzine next week. My dad has not responded well to previous chemo drugs, I know it affects everyone differently but looking for some experiences or knowledge regarding this chemo drug.

Thanks everyone!

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  • I don't know anything about the drug but I pray your Dad does well on it.

  • Thank you Jesi08, what is mets? I am so new to this. I know I will learn all of this soon.

    Thank you Gail

  • Metastasis meaning the cancer has spread 😔

  • ok I do not know that for sure yet, but the report stated this word. but also stated it could be an infectious process going on in the lower lobe of the left lung. The right lung is totally clear

  • I was on Opdivo for a little over one year. It seemed to work pretty well, but when scans were done in September, they told me that it had stopped working. I am now back on chemo, receiving Carboplatin and Abraxane. I have not been on it long enough for them to do another scan, yet. I also visited MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and they agreed with my local doctor's treatment approach. My main issues are dealing with side effects from either the chemo or supporting drugs they give me. I normally do not sleep very well the first night or two and also have to wait 2-3 days to get my bowel movements back. Fortunately, there is no pain or discomfort from that. My treatment runs on a 4 week cycle. Week one - both Carboplatin and Abraxane. Week 2 - Abraxane only. Week 3 - Abraxane only. Week four is my recovery/rest week with no treatment. I was diagnosed in October 2014, with stage 4 Adenocarcinoma. Hopefully, they will find something that will help your father.

  • scottcharlop

    Thanks for your response.

    My father does not do well with the combo of carboplatin and anything else. Last time he was on chemo the stopped the carboplatin and just kept the one chemo...this time the approach is just abraxane it seems...hoping for good results

  • My heart goes out to you -- I'm also a Stage IV NSCLC Sufferer and currently on an OPDIVO break as it continues to cause me to develop Pneumonitis. I just HOPE I can go back on and do not have any issues. I'll be interested to hear how your Dad does on Abraxane ) it's new to me and not a type of Chemo I've ever been on! Best wishes!


  • My husband has done 4 rounds of Opdivo. We find out Wednesday if it's helped. He has a large tumor under his right arm now & backside. The drug your dad is being put on is same thing they want to put my husband on if Opdivo didn't help. I don't know anything about the drug. I know their all immunotherapy drugs. I pray this helps your dad.

  • Prayers for your husband. Abraxane is actually a chemotherapy not immunotherapy from what I'm seeing

  • Your right it is Chemo.

  • I feel most of my side effects from the Carboplatin was due too the associated Neulasta shot I had too take for my blood count. Unfortunately they go together. I won't have too take the Neulasta with the Abraxane. My problem is at times I have no appetite and on the Neulasta I couldn't keep anything down. I'm also a diabetic, so getting dehydrated really adversely affects me.

  • Jessi08 I am so sorry to hear of this news. Is your Dad also being treated for multiple myeloma? Abraxane is a form of paclitaxel, a type of chemo, and is FDA approved for treatment of lung cancer. Because Abraxane is formulated differently than paclitaxel, most patients don't need premedication to help avoid hypersensitivity reactions (premedications are needed with paclitaxel). You can download a brochure here: abraxane.com/wp-content/upl...

  • Thank you! Peggy and I have been chatting. She sent me the brochure and has been amazingly helpful with my questions and providing me other resources

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