I had a full right lung lobectomy in 2007

I was DX with stage 3a NSCLC in October 2007. In November I had my right lu g removed via VATS surgery at NYU in New York. I was fully capable of doing everything I did before and am now heading into year 10 of being cancer free. If you have a great thoracic surgeon you should be fine. I will say that I also had 16 weeks of Cisplatin and Navelbine chemo afterwards - the surgery was easier.

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  • So happy for you!

  • I also had a right lung lobectomy at memorial sloan kettering 10 years ago

    followed by 4 months of cisplatin chemo and I agree, surgery was easier than chemo. I had stage 1b small cell..so far so good. nine years cancer free.

  • 10 years cancer free! Happy for you. I am going in two weeks to have my upper left lobe removed possibly the bottom lobe and I am a nervous wreck, your post gives me hope.

  • Are they doing VATS surgery. Visually assisted thoracic surgery?

  • The surgery was a walk in the park. Trust me. No worries. Breathe.

  • You know I'm really not sure I was brain fog when he was talking to me but he did say he was going in underneath my armpit and I should only have about a 4 inch scar

  • I had a lobectomy in 2000 (VATS was not regularly being done then, I had the full bells and whistles (large scar, went in through my back/ribs, the full thing) and I only had pain the first few days and it was bearable after the first day. I was in the hospital a week. I heard the VATS is a much quicker recovery with little pain. It sounds like that is what you are gonna have.

    P.S. - I've been considered cancer free for 16-1/2 years!

  • Wow. Mozel!!!

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