Only 8% chance of Chemotherapy working

Hello everyone I am new on here, September 12th this year I had a left lobe lung bottom half removed , there were 2 cancers present, so for me best quick way to deal with problem , have it surgically removed, I am now recovering from home 3 weeks now, only recently have I been back to hospital for a meeting with the chemotherapy team as I was always told this would always happen even with the surgery. Latest meeting was told only 8% chance of Chemotherapy working, at present I am told I do not have cancer, but this chemotherapy is like a safeguard extra protection, proposed cycles 4 over 3 months, starting in December as at present I am not fit enough, I have been told of the side effects , it seems to be a difficult 3 months for me if I decide to go ahead , I have been told with or without chemotherapy that there is a chance of 50% of the cancer returning anyway, I have been given the option of Chemotherapy with a only 8% chance of this working, but as I said earlier I do not have cancer now, so how will I ever know this has worked, hoping for other people to respond with simular issues as mine, I have 2 weeks to decide whether to go ahead or not, thanks

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  • In the 6 years I've been living with stage 4 lung cancer and advocating actively for most of that time, I've met too many people who opted against the adjuvant chemo only to learn a few month down the line that the cancer had shed and either attached to an organ next to the lung or it got into the circulatory system. Checking lymph nodes doesn't guarantee that it hasn't mets a different way. This video explains it better than I can.

    Please also consider this- how do you know you won't be one of the 8% it is supposed to work for. If you fall into that percentage your odds suddenly become 100%.

  • HI thanks for your time in in reply, I have been told I have 50% chance of the cancer returning, I am aware that having chemotherapy would put me on 58% of it not returning against 42% of returning, but no guarantee that the chemotherapy will work on the 8% they offer .

  • Great video you shared on how cancer spreads. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  • I was stage 1B when I had my right upper lobe removed almost 3 years ago. I was cancer free at the time did research on the internet to help me make my decision on doing chemo. One of the posts I read indicated that if the cancer came back I would never be at stage 1B again- my oncologist confirmed that I would most likely be at stage 4 if it returned. As a result of this, I did chemo largely because I never wanted wanted to look back and say if I had only done chemo it may not have come back. Did they do genetic testing on your tumor? Is so, what were the results? My chemo consisted of 4 rounds over 3 months and started 8 weeks after my lobe was removed, since I need to have my mitral valve repaired and that was done 4 weeks after my lobectomy surgery. Chemo then started 4 weeks after my heart surgery.

    There is no right answer to your question, you will need to do what is right for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


  • HI Stephanie

    Thank you so much for taking time in making a reply, I am not aware of genetic testing, may be there was , but not been told, only told the two cancers are different.


  • I had cervical cancer in the mid80's. The doctor used the cryo method. It was nasty but it worked. In 2000 I had a hysterectomy. A malignant tumor was found in my uterus. In November 2014 I had had stage 1 lung cancer. Upper right lubectomy was done. Other nodules with no change over many years. Now checking my abdomen. I guess that I wad cursed with the genes!

  • Guy59 - Whatever you finally decide to do, remember it is your life, and what you decide should be made for no other reason. Do not do it because other folks said they did, or would if they were you. Only you can decide what is best for you.

    When I was fighting cancer #2, which was HPV Throat Cancer, it was hit with both radiation and chemotherapy. I was told at the time the chemo was a small dose and a complimentary therapy. More or less, the chemo was just a little extra push to go after it where radiation would be the main tool used to "kill" it.

    I handled the chemo very nicely. Never got sick, never even felt sick and I had chemo once a week for 3-4 hours. I only lost a small amount of hair, mainly where the radiation band met my hairline.

    I look back and sort of wish they would have gone after it with a bit more chemo. I could have handled a bit more, or a larger dose, or at least enough that would have boosted my overall chances.

    My 3rd cancer, the one I am presently fighting, is HPV Lung Cancer. So, it was able to still get around the backup chemotherapy. I'm terminal at this point, and although that is and of itself a let down, I am still here, still fighting, and still waking up to a new sunrise.

    What I would do, if I were you, is to take everything offered, and don't look back. Take each new day as something magical and something to smile about. We all run out of days eventually, but between now and then, make each day the best day of your life.

    Keep us all posted, I would enjoy knowing what you decided to do, and how things are going for you.

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  • HI

    Just to let you know I have decided to have chemotherapy, starts in 3 weeks time .


  • HI

    Just to let you know I have decided to have chemotherapy, starts in 3 weeks time . Middle November.


  • Thank you for letting us know, will be holding you in my thoughts!

  • Started my chemotherapy today , have been put on sreroids for 4 days, this was 10 hours ago, but am told side effects can come up to 5 days in , at present I feel ok

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