I'm scare!!!

Hi everyone!!! I'm here since July this is my first time posting!!!... My husband was diagnosed on May with Adenocarcinoma stage IV left lung , metastasis on his lymph nodes chest, fluid on his left lung and Blood Clots both lungs; Dr said No candidate for surgery only way to keeping alive Chemotherapy, 6 month without treatment 2 or 3 maybe with treatment, he had his 4th Chemo already doing good besides side effects, breathing much better, he lost 60 pounds, and starting the hair, not good about depression, anger, frustration. Dr stop the intravenous chemo and started with pills, is this better???.... So, tomorrow we getting the results of chest, abdomen and pelvis CT Scan, I'm so scare about it. Thanks for be there for people like us that we need to learn and be strong before all this situation that has changed our lives forever.

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  • Het there!

    I'm not sure about pill form chemo? Seems like it would be better? Good luck tomorrow, I'll keep you in my prayers. I think we all agree, waiting is terrible!

    Like someone said before, don't waste precious moments on worry, try to enjoy something and smile. Try to help your husband eat and stay hydrated.

    I wish I could help more.

    Be peaceful 🙃

    Please let us know how it goes!

    It's a beautiful fall day where I live

    You can smell it....❤️

  • ParisFrazier Hi!!!... Yes you're right!!!...it's a beautiful day out there, we are here at office's doctor waiting our turn!!!... We hope God has something good for us!!!...

    Thank you for your reply it brings me peace!!!... God bless you!!!

  • Thanks for the update, deep breath. You guys hang in there! I'm sending peace and comfort!!!!

  • It's an emotional roller coaster for sure 😔 I can't speak to the meds or whether things will get better, but this is a great community here with great support from its members and the administrators from free to Breathe. They have all helped my mindset along this journey with my dad, he also had Stage 4 adenocarcinoma. Prayers and strength to you and your family.

  • Jessi08 thanks for your words!!!.

    I really going to need support around all this situation, sometimes it is so hard!!!... I'm so glad to belong to this community, God bless you!!!

  • @Fabymire I know your scared and so is your husband. I hate the thought that you and your husband is going thru this. I wish I could take it all away. I think of you a lot. If you need to vent or cry I have a virtual shoulder you can cry on. you can talk to me all you want I'll be here and so will your guardian angel you have one walking beside you always. your husband also has one walking beside him and she will be there with him all the way he won't be alone. do you have family and friends that are there for you.Please know that I care,every one on here cares we will be here for you. Love you Jo

  • SusieJo-1948 hello there!! Well here I'm, I can breath now, I'm feeling better, even everything remains the same, the idea that he just had 6 months to live was killing me, now I'm sure he is going to be ok!!!... Thanks God and all of you for your prayers!!!❤

  • I have been living with same disease stage and kind for 17 months now...The beginning is very difficult as the doctors try to get the fluid under control( I had a pleuradisis) and first line chemotherapy is very difficult. I am now on Maintanance chemo (single agent Alimta) every 3 weeks, which is much easier to tolerate, because thank God the cancer shrank a bit before I maxed out the amount of carboplatin-pemetrexed I could take. Pills must be some sort of targeted therapy based on a genetic alteration identified? It's a race between research and each individual in my situation-and your husbands it seems- to keep cancer under control until something better is proven effective.

    I encourage you to try to find as many ways to feel gratitude as you can about the other things in your life or even his cancer status. I bet they didn't expect him to even leave the hospital at first ( even if the doctors didn't say that out loud ), but he is here now living with cancer. I also encourage you to reach out to your hosptal's palliative care department. It is so misunderstood-it is not hospice but is it team that will use an interdisciplinary approach to make sure that life is lived as well as possible during what is now a chronic disease for him . Then, if Down the road you need to explore hospice care, they will already know you well and can help you make that transition when the time is right. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with my palliative care docs and nurse at university of Kansas Med center.

    Praying for you right now

  • I don't know anything about the pills. I have had both chemo and radiation. The only advice I can give is to never give up. I have a strong faith in God and beLieve He is still performing miracles today. Love your husband through the bad times and try to encourage him. May God strengthen and bless you both.

  • Fabymire, Thank goodness your husband has had you beside him, as you take care of him please try to find a way to take care of yourself as well. Just 5 minutes to deep breathe and re-center yourself can help. I am so very glad you shared your story with us, we don't want anyone to walk this alone, and as you have seen, this community is supportive, kind, and wise. Please keep in close touch. Hugs.

  • How did scan turn out?

  • Hi!!!... Well it showed that is not spread, still has lot of fluid on his lung, the lymphs nodes are inflamed on chest and armpits , the good thing is the chemotherapy is avoiding the spread!!!... I think this is good!!... God is with us!!!... I'm feeling better!!!... I'll keeping in touch!!!... God bless you!!! 😊

  • Your in my prayers!!!! What kind of chemo?

  • @Fabymire I'm glad your husband is doing better and you sound like your doing better. I've been worried about you. This cancer has been hard on you not just your husband. I'm here for you anytime you want to talk. So don't stay away we'll all be here. Don't forget your guardian angels they are with you both all the time. @Jo Taylor

  • This is first time me reading this community everybody here are angels my prays for you and your husband my father in law is stage 3 adencarcenoma

    Patient and he just receive his first kemo today pls everybody payer for him

  • Nck27, so glad you are here. You are right, the folks in this community are wonderful. Hope is abundant, and prayers will follow you and your father today.