Magic Friday

Had 4th chemo on Thursday, went to radiation therapy, mask fitting extremely tight, (after 4 hrs of liquid to body, lots of swelling going on) the day after chemo. I call magic Friday due to all systems are functioning extremely well, slept a good 8 hrs woke up at 2 am completely rested, today will be a good day for the body and mind, not looking forward to Saturday and Sunday, all systems will be down, body sluggish hard to think and no appetite, woe is me..

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  • Good morning fellow warrior!

    Oh the fourth chemo.... ugggg

    Try try try to keep eating, just a bite if you can. Drink your water to flush it out. I make warrior soup before I go... then when I get home, the house smells yummy, the I can at least drink the broth.

    Does anything sound good?

    God be with you my fellow warrior! Maybe if it makes us feel that sick.... the cancer feels it too!

  • Thanks, one I found that makes my day bright is my sense of humor, with it I can beat anything.

  • Hi ParisFrazier , Hope you are keeping well. Question for you. How do you make your warrior soup? Thanks, Ruby🌹

  • Hi Ruby! I'm doing ok, new tumors on my lungs so I'll start the immune therophy in January.

    Warrior soup.

    In a lg pot,

    Start your chicken, onion celery garlic.

    Let cool until veggie are a little soft. Add stock, veggie or chicken.

    Add carrots



    Squash of any kind, I like to use anything in season. Feel free to add or subtract anything. Even the chicken. Season with salt that has idolize pepper.plenty of love and great energy!

    I start mine in the morning, add water and seasoning again as needed and let cook. It should smell yummy and soothing. You can use a toasted chicken, makes it easy. Add noodles or dumping. Whatever sounds like you could eat it.

    Great to freeze!

    Peace be with you !

    Hope this helpful!take good care!


  • @Collinjo1Are you new welcome to this wonderful site. I'm glad you have at least one good day. Like I tell every one they have a guardian angel walking beside them. You have one too she will never leave your side. If you need to talk i'm here and I care. Jo

  • My

    New to the neighborhood,like getting feed back

  • Thanks

  • I am so thrilled that you had a magic Friday! Thank you so much for sharing that lovely news. Now we are on Monday, so I am wondering how you managed this weekend? Is the worst over yet? Were you able to take small sips of liquid, or to eat some here and there? I hope you are in a better place today!

  • I have built walls since I was diagnosed with stage lv lung cancer, and now it feels like the walls are caving in. Things don't seem right, I'm very nervous and trying to understand the

  • Reactions of my body, understand I am not afraid of dying, but looking forward to the journey, sometimes change is for the best.

  • Bless you, Collinjo1. I hope you have someone loving very close by. Hearing about your walls caving in creates a very vivid, and sad image. I am so sorry that this has been so hard. Only you can know where you are now. Please know I am thinking about you, holding you close in my prayers, and am grateful you honor us with your story. Sincere hugs and caring, please keep in touch if you have the energy.

  • New body reactions, this morning I was walking to the bedroom, woke up a few minutes later on the floor, I also urinated all over myself. This is starting to bother me very much.

  • Have you reported this to your medical team? Are you getting palliative care? I am so sorry, your body must be so very tired. If you haven't, please reach out to your medical team (or have someone do it for you), I know you are probably not excited about another call, but they need to know what symptoms you are dealing with. I hope you didn't get hurt...bigger hugs.

  • Talked to my Dr. Told me to quit taking new medicine

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