How do you know where is the best cancer center to treat you?

I have both NSCLC and SCLC my doc said it's very rare to have both type. That there is not much data on diagnosed. I had a right lower lobectomy 7-12-16 . Currently doing chemo in my 3rd session right now, 1 more to go and then they want to to do radiation of the brain. I want to get a second opinion so bad. But when I go on computer I can't stay foced enough. Guess it's chemo brain. Don't know what yo do. Please help! Any suggestion! Thank you

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  • The best place isn't the same for everyone. You have to consider your location, your cancer and the facilities available and of course your family.

  • I live in a small town and have to travel a long distance. But radiation should really hellp

  • Patty, the National Cancer Care Network at the National Institutes of Health certify centers as Comprehensive Cancer Centers. These are the highest ranked hospitals for cancer treatment. Some of the criteria is that they are a teaching hospital and conducting research.

    This link will take you to their website. Use it to find a center close to you. Many have facilities allow you to stay close by inexpensively if not free (Hope Lodge, Ronald McDonald House). Contact the Center of your choice, they wil help you obtain the records that they will need.

  • Thank you

  • I am being seen by the Sydney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins BayviewCenter, Baltimore, Maryland. I was diagnosed with inoperable stage 3b squamous non small cell carcinoma in November, 2015. I began treatments of chemo and radiation on 12/14/16, and took my last treatment on 2/05/16. Since then I have gone through two 3 month follow up visits. Each time I was told that the cancer appears to be in remission. The last visit in September showed that I have radiation pneumonitis and have been on strong steroids every since. Last week I was told that I now have nodules on my thyroid and have gained 2 lbs/day for 7 days straight! I have just started a RX for Hashimoto Disease (thyroid), and believe the combination of steroids and thyroid disease are causing the rapid weight gain.

    I have researched both conditions online and understand that both conditions can be caused by radiation. I had cancer in one of the lymph nodes close to my thyroid.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are going through such a hard time. I would suggest getting a second opinion but would wait now until all your treatments have stopped and wait at least 2 months before seeking a second opinion. You may find that once the treatments have ended, you will definitely feel better.

    Stay positive! I believe your attitude and outlook on any disease plays a major factor in the healing process.

    God bless you on your journey

  • Thank you

  • @pattykellogg1966 Hi getting a second opinion is a good thing. Just have your family Dr. set you up with another oncologist.. The oncologist you go to now you've been through a lot of treatments and he wants you do do more. Let me ask you,you've been through all of this with the same oncologist,you apparently must trust him. You have to trust because right now he wants to do radiation to your brain. I ask one thing don't give up you fight.We will all be here for you. If you need to talk I'm here. If you get a second opinion let us know. REMEMBER you have an angel walking beside you. Know matter what she'll be right beside you all the way. @Jo Taylor

  • Thank you. The reason why i want to get a second opinion, since it so rare what i have the 2 different cancers SCLC AND NSCLC. Also i really don't care for my doc, i feel like just a number.

  • My father was just diagnosed with both of the cells as well. Devestating, but he is going to fight. They said it's very aggressive and fast growing. He has to do radiation every day and chemo twice a week. I'm praying daily and putting this in God's hands. My father is ready to fight he says. Dr says without tx only 2 months. With tx he will have 5+ years. Scariest day of my life. 1st time cancer has hit my family this close. All advice welcome

  • Thank you so much!

  • So glad to hear that, was thinking of going there or a second opinion CTCA that is.

  • Good suggestions from Mesa. You could also try a Mayo facility. I go to the one in MN. Very thorough; knowledgeable.

  • Thank you

  • Hi GailO

    I go to the Rochester Mayo. Do you mind telling me who your radiation doctor and oncologist doctor are? I see Dr Garces and Dr Marks.

    Thanks. Texas 64😊

  • I don't have a radiation oncologist there. I have seen Drake Molina and Mansfield. My friend sees Dr Marks, and she really likes him. These are my second opinion docs.

  • Patty, we need to have good relationships with our doctors (as you know so well), so I am very glad you are looking elsewhere. You have to be a team fighting together, not at odds, right? I am glad you are trusting your instincts, even though I am sure it takes a toll to try to even focus on that right now. I am sorry, it is a tough battle. Hugs.

  • My mother has both. She goes MD Anderson in Sugarland tx. Her lungs are good now but she had a pet scan on October 5 they showed spots on her liver now and it is the small cell she will start chemo on the 14th. I pray everyday that you and everyone are able to fight this horrible cancer. God bless you always .

  • Marysdaughter, Thank you for reaching out to Patty even as you deal with so much in your own life. I am just so very sorry to hear about your Mother's new spots. It sounds like the medical team was right on top of things and found it early, so that is always hopeful. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated. Warm thoughts coming your way as you walk beside your Mother.

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