Hello all, just wanted to tell you I had a blood test yesterday for Polymyalga, came back positive. It is a form of arthritis, starts in the shoulder and continues to other shoulder and down to other parts of the body. It can be very painful, keeps me up at night. Asked my doc what causes this and he said, they don't know, just age and bad luck ! Well, that covers it for me, lol. Doc wants for me to start on steroids for two weeks to see if that helps, if it doesn't then could be something else. Waiting for the chromagranin test to come in so I'll know where I stand with the carcinoid cancer in lung. Seems we are always waiting for something, doesn't it? Being able to talk about things here is a big help. Thank you all for being here for me and all who are living with cancer .


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  • I am so sorry to hear about your new challenge. It sounds like you have a positive attitude which help you help. Sending you positive thoughts.

  • Trying! Ty

  • Hi gibdonnalee; I have not heard of this but I have the same problem in my shoulders and the doctor just called arthritis and gives me a cortisteriod injection every 3 to 6 months. It's working, so ask your doctor for the injections over the pills, it works directly where it's needed the most. NO horrible side effects

  • I know this is similar to rheumatoid arthritis, but is usually brought on almost overnight sometimes. Starts in shoulders and then down to hips, etc. like rheumatism, can be debilitating. I haven't done any research yet.

  • I pray the Dr is able to get you some relief. It does seem as though once you have been diagnosed with cancer, it is actually just the beginning of what is to come! I hope you feel better.

  • So true, Ruthie! It seems to work that way.

  • So glad you took time to share with us. That kind of bone-pain can really get your attention, can't it! I am glad your physician is listening and trying to get to the core. The steroid approach is promising for calming it all down. Let us know how things go and I'll hope for a lovely nights sleep for you!

  • Thank you, Peggy. I have a lot of faith in my oncologist. So far he's got my back! A good nights sleep would be very welcome, last night I was up at 3a.m, stinks.

  • Donna you know every one cares sorry to here that,if its not one thing its another but we'll make it. remember your angel is walking beside you and she'll be there all the way and so will I. Love ya Jo

  • Thank you, dear friend!

  • 3am? Ugh. I am so very sorry. Pain is a really terrible companion, lets get that taken care of! I am so glad you have a good relationship with your oncologist and that you let them know how you are feeling. I will hope for ease of pain, and restful nights. Hugs.

  • Thanks again, Peggy. I need to control my stress level also, I've yet to come to terms with losing two children since one was over 30 years ago. They say that I should feel better by now, people keep saying to let it go. Wish it were that easy! Don't mean to bring all this up on here, sorry. This too shall pass, as they keep telling me. So, guess it's true, stress can do a lot to a body.

  • Oh, no. Mourning the death of children seems like a lifelong journey to me. It seems impossible to let go of something that is part of your very essence. I believe we can find ways to carry that grief, ways to release the stress of that pain, healthy ways of living with it. But it seems unrealistic, at least to me, to expect someone to just "get over it" or "let it go". We just seem to live with it in a way that isn't destructive. I hope you have someone you can talk to when you want to just think about those children and share their stories with someone who won't judge, but rather support you. Someone who will listen with respect, and honor those memories. You don' t need to let them go, in my opinion, you can embrace who they were and carry their company along with you. I hope you can find something that eases the moment for you, meditation, prayer, music, laughter, a walk in nature...whatever helps you connect with the more peaceful part of your soul. Please search for that connection, you deserve to settle in that place. And again, please don't feel you need to forget your children, they are part of what makes you uniquely you, even their loss is part of your story. And Your Story, is one of a kind and beautiful.

  • Thank you, Peggy, those are beautiful words. It makes me realize that even though my two angels are gone, they are a part of who I am forever and I could just as well cut out my heart as to forget them. When I am feeling sorrow I will remember your words, thank you.

  • You are so welcome. Yes, it seems we are way more than just a solitary soul, doesn't it?...we collect others as we move along (at least that is how it feels), and we become more that just "I"...at least that's how it looks from where I am standing.

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