Waiting is so hard

Hi waiting for the results of my pet scan that had done September 21st I had open chest surgery June 16th on my right lung they took I wedge everything is clear nothing in my lymph notes found other spots on my left lung my lungs are so bad they didn't want to do a biopsy on a small spot so they're waiting 2 see if it grows I go into my oncologist the 27th to find out if it has grown I'm scared and I'm nervous wish the time wood just hurry up and get here thanks for listening


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  • stutheit Hi they couldn't be as bad as mine I had biopsy bout a year or so ago diagnosis copd and sarcadois found out 10 days ago that left lung is in stage 4 thats why I stumbled up on this site they really listen

  • 8 days is a long time to wait to get results! Please know that there is a chance that this us something other than cancer. The season changes and new irritants are released - mold, allergens.

    The PET scan can't tell you if its grown, only if it is metabolically active which might indicate cancer.

    Ordinarily I might suggest starting your fall clean up and winterization to keep you busy but I don't know how far you are along in your surgical recovery.

    Have you tried meditation? Its a great way to learn to live in the moment and take your mind away from the scary "What If Path". If you don't have access to a guided meditation instructor you still have many options: candle flames, fish tank, a flower, a fireplace, a favorite piece of music, crystals.

    After living with stage 4 lung cancer for nearly 6 years I can assure you of this- it is what it is, it will be whatever it is and you will confront that on your terms with your oncology team and supporters. Time given over to obsessing or dwelling on the negatives is time you can never get back. That time is better used making new memories or dealing with things you have put off.

    Please do let us know the outcome.

  • Great reply!

  • Yes that is very true my breathing restrict me from doing a lot of activities but will try to do some meditation thank you

  • Cyberknife is a great choice. What type of cancer did they say it is.

  • its Non Small cell carcinoma

  • Nsclc- is it adenocarcinoma , squamous or one if the more rare ones?

  • Waiting is the worst, though I agree with the post above, this is where I fall short. I get very anxious. I take 1/2 Xanax.

    For me... I know that no matter what, at stage IV, Gods going to be with me. He has been there through chemo, radiation and brain surgery.

    I pray for Peace for all of us!!

    It's very hard sometimes. Try and do something that makes you smile today. Please keep in touch!

  • Yes they found out it is cancer and I will be doing CyberKnife radiation treatment thank you for your reply

  • I know waiting is the worst, I am also waiting to hear the result of my ct scan. I try to do things for myself and attempt to take my mind off of it. I had open heart surgery to fix a heart valve 1 month after surgery to remove 1 lobe of my right lung. My surgeons has me walking every day after I was home- starting at just 5 minutes a day, then just increase the time slowly. Getting out of th house and walking really helped me, maybe it will work for you. Sending you positive thoughts.

  • Yes now that I know the results and feeling better I am going to start walking a little bit thank you for your reply

  • Again this community amazes me with its wisdom. The advice is perfect, and the understanding is profound. I hope you feel welcome!

    Consider contacting your medical team to let them know what you are feeling, they can help with the anxiety, if you want.

    May tomorrow bring you some peace, please let us know how it goes. We'll all be thinking of you. Sorry for the feelings you are enduring right now, that is so very hard.

  • stuheit We all know what your going through and yes its very hard to wait. I don't know why they do that. I wish there was something I could do to make to ake this wait easier for you. We are all here waiting with you. If you need someone to talk to i'm here.We are all here for you. Your guadian angel is there beside you she'll help you through this,she'll always be there for you. please let us know.Jo

  • Thank you so much

  • Thank you so much

  • It's going to whatever it's going to be. Your agonizing over it only tortures yourself. Like the others said, take ur mind off it, do something to make u smile, and say to ur self that "God has give me today Monday and I'm breathing and using it to love others. " let tomorrow worry about tomorrow.

  • Waiting is our worst enemy. We're praying for you. My left upper part lung has collasped. Been that way since April. Hope they can control yours & kill it. Fighting cancer is hard but there are some who win this battle. Unfortunately I want but I will take what God allows me to have. We're rooting for you to be cured.

  • bless you And thank you

  • Stutheit, today is the day. Hopefully you got better news than what you seem to have expected. Those five or so days really did pass rather quickly didn't they?f

    Please keep us posted and we are here to listen if needed.


  • Yes it did thank you very much and they found the spot to be cancer and I will be doing CyberKnife radiation the weight is off my shoulders now I know thank you

  • Well there you go. Keep that positive attitude, and keep giving it your all. I am not sure about the others here, but I would like you to keep us posted. Every little bit of insight, and process is good for everyone to be aware of.

    Thanks again and keep being positive.


  • Thank you so much Mike

  • I'm with Mike - please keep in touch, we'll be thinking about you. Cheering on the CyberKnife to do its work!

  • Sorry just saw messages results in yet? What kind of lung cancer?

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