Pneumonia or Tumor

Hey this is my first post. I'm writing because I've had to go to an urgent care on the weekend because of course my dr office was closed. The first visit they took a chest x Ray and said I had pneumonia, I saw the X-ray and it showed a grapefruit size mass on my right lung. Went back second time for strep throat, no X-ray then. Third time I went back two weeks ago they took another X-ray and it looked just like the X-ray taken 6 months prior, a grapefruit sized mass in right lung. Dr told me that I either had pneumonia for 6 months or it's a tumor. I'm having a ct scan Tuesday the 20th and I'm scared. I haven't shown that I'm scared to anyone because I'm telling myself it's just pneumonia. I have emphysema, copd, and chronic bronchitis. So I need to ask can you really have pneumonia that long? Any insight to this would be grateful. Thanks

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  • Hi I have COPD and emphysema and I have had pneumonia a few times and never had any spots I was diagnosed later on I got Ct scan for my injured back and they found a spot on my lung I also had a tumor in my right lung they surgically removed it and I had nothing in my lymph notes but I have a few spots in my left lung that they're watching The ct scan will most likely show if it's a tumor or not if it's a tumor your next step will probably be a pet scan and that will show if it's cancerous or not wishing you good luck

  • Thanks for the reply and the information. After reading your reply i started reading up on the pet scan info. I go Tuesday 20th for my ct scan and will go from there. I'm happy to hear that you came out cancer free. I'm telling myself that its nothing major right now but i'll know soon enough. Thanks again for the info and i'll wish you good luck to, take care :)

  • Try not to be afraid pugfunky03 I know its hard.Theres nothing wrong with being afraid we all are at some point.I had a ct scan week before last I was really afraid. I have emphysema but no pneumonia. I have one and a half lungs they took my upper lobe on left side. I'll be afraid with you I'll be here if you need to talk. please let us know how it went. Your little gardian angel will be there with you.@Jo Taylor

  • Thanks to you all. As soon as I know something I will let you know. I can already tell that no matter the outcome I will have you great people to turn to, and I will take that guardian angel with me thru all of this thanks. : )

  • Thank you for coming into this great community and sharing your story. Continue to be a good advocate for yourself. Thank goodness there are ct scans. Soon you'll know what is going on, and won't have to guess and conjecture; that is so frustrating and can be scary. Please bring someone with you if you can, so you have another set of ears. And let us know how things go! You can see that lots of folks will be thinking about you and waiting to hear!

  • I'm feeling very blessed that I found this community, you have been very welcoming and that means a lot to me. I will be taking my bestie with me for the follow up drs appt after the ct scan, I could'nt imagine doing that part alone no matter the outcome. I will let you all know what's going on as soon as I know something. I appreciate your words of encouragement and those words are keeping me calm on the outside even though I'm freaking out on the inside. Thanks and to let you all know I now consider you all angels in my eyes. Everyone please take care of yourselves and I'll post with news soon : )

  • Good luck today. Will be checking in to see how you did. When do you get your results? Where are you being seen?

  • I was in out in 20 minutes which is rare. I still don't know anything, and will wait for either my primary dr to call or either she will call my lung for an appt. i'm staying positive that its nothing bad so as soon as I hear something I will post. Thanks for the positive thoughts and I hope that I will know something soon. The waiting is the hardest part. Take care of yourself.

  • I'm wishing you all the luck & prayers as well. I got the news that I will not survive but prolonging my life. Time is our worst enemy. Between insurance Co approving what needs to be done & Dr's decesions , it's a mess. Good luck & best wishes!

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I can't imagine what your going thru but please know that I'm sending you lots of prayers. If you ever need to talk I'm here and the community is as well. Take care of yourself and let us know how your doing and feeling. Lots of prayers

  • Thank you. I guess we never really take the word death serious until we're told it will be soon. I have fear, anxiety, hurt, anger & worries. I mainly worry about my wife whom I adore and love with all my heart. She's had a hard life & I wanted to take care of her. My son who's 21, my mom. So many emotions we all here are going through. It's a tough ole world & I hate leaving them. God bless each one of you. My heart pours out emotions for us all.

  • It is a very tough world, and I can't even fathom what your facing. The emotions are understandable with what you all are going thru. I have'nt been diagnosed yet but I'm worried. I have a 25 year old daughter and 2 grandbabies that I love dearly. i'm glad you have lots of love around you and that they have been there for you thru the last 6 months. Please continue to post so we can all be here for you. I have'nt been in this community long but there are some really great people here that will talk with you and support you. Take care and lots of prayers to you and your family : )

  • The waiting is really tough, I am so sorry. Hang on to your bestie and let all our positive energy surround you, we are sending it out to you!

  • Hello,

    Just read your post and found it similar to what happened with me that lead to a diagnosis of small cell lung cancer. I was very sick and had a horrible cough that would not go away. My son convinced me to go to Urgent Care on a Saturday. I had a x-ray that showed spots on my lungs. Was sent to my primary care doctor on Monday who referred me to oncology. This was in 2014. I have COPD with severe emphysema, many physical problems, and severe depression. Somehow this 3rd outbreak of small cell has made me stronger. I am waiting to start Keytruda. I do not believe you can have pneumonia for as long as they said you had it. I have had pneumonia many times in my life and was immediately treated - not left to suffer as long as you did. If I can be of any help to you, please let me know since our stories are similar. Take care.

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