Looking for ways to boost immune system

I have been fighing lung cancer bronchular avular carcinoma, for 9 years. Chemo for most of those years. Then last year tried immunotheraphy but it didn't work for me. They are considering me terminal because we have tried all that is available. I am looking fir ways yo boost my immune system so that I can fight this cancer and keep me healthy. I am taking multi vitamin, vitamin d, b complex, turmeric, moringa leaf powder, acai juice. Any other suggestions?


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  • Read AntiCancer by Dr David Servan Schreiber, also the NutritionFacts.Org site run by Dr. Michael Greger, and the Eat and Beat Cancer site by Harriet Sugar Miller. Be sure to take ground black pepper with your turmeric to boost the bioavailability of the curcumin, most mushrooms have immune boosting effects, and adding a bit of cardamom to blueberries is supposed to increase natural killer cell activity. Hope these are helpful. Good luck on your continuing journey!

  • I too have BAC; for almost 9 yrs. I am on my 3rd line of therapy, Crizotinib, after having been on Tarceva and then Alimta. I have asked my Oncologist about next steps, knowing the cancer will become resistant to Crizotinib and he assures me there are other options. I know of Avastin, Docetaxol and Navelbine - not enthusiastic about these choices and hoping something comes out to address mutations already identified in my lung cancer. What lines of therapy have you already been on? I'm stunned and so very sorry that you've been told there is nothing else available.

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