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Introduce yourself!

Reply to this post with an introduction!

Since Free to Breathe has joined this community, many of you have been kind enough to introduce yourself through an individual post.

This post is an open invitation to everyone, previous members and new, to introduce yourself, share your story, and help each other get a better idea of what this community consists of.

Thank you!

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I'll start us off :)

I'm Travis, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator at Free to Breathe.

I started back in February, and have no previous ties to lung cancer. However, since I've started, I've learned so much and have met so many amazing people.

Out of all the positions I have held in my short career so far, this one has been the most meaningful because I am able to see and feel the direct impact we have on lung cancer, and in peoples lives.

I'm very excited about our partnership with HealthUnlocked because it allows me to have direct conversations with those facing lung cancer, and also allows me to follow up with those individuals to find out how they are doing.

Thanks for being such a great community!



I had upper right lobe removed, diagnosed with sarcoma, and adenocarcinoma , had 6 weeks radiotherapy .been fine apart from my voice keep going , until about 5 weeks ago when I developed a severe pain in my lung, and now pain ahs spread round to front of chest, Been had x ray today & was told my GP will ring me tomorrow, so worried incase it is back.


Hi I'm jo I went to er they done a chest xray. The dr in er told me I had a spot in my left upper lobe. I went to my lung dr he looked at xray.Sent me to get pet scan. Went in hospital to get a biopsy . I was out surgeon sent to lab it came back cancer and he removed my left upper lobe. It was the fourth day I was in there seven days. the surgeon told me I had stage three and that I was going to die. He told my family right after surgery that I was going to die. Went to cancer dr. wanted me to do radiation and I told him no. I had six months of chemo. Its going on three years they can't find it any where. i'm in remission. I have a wonderful support system my two daughters Tina and Tami. My partner Rick. I read some some posts on health unlocked and free to breath. Its a wonderful site. you can talk to others with lung cancer. if they write a post and you want to reply you can. Its really great to see how others are coping and you are coping.Some days I need that. Healhunlocked andfree to breathe. has been wonderful and I would tell others about it, i'm sure others would benifit from joining. I have benefited . It helps to talk to othersabout there cancer. I am jo Taylor


So glad to hear that you are in remission! Thank you Jo for being a part of the community and supporting others who are facing lung cancer.



Thanks Mary I appreciate it.


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