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Another newcomer

Hi there,

I just signed up. I am a 4 year survivor of stage 3 NSCL currently with NED.

Treatments have included chemo followed by wedge resection and radiation. The original tumor was never found, but I developed a tumor in a lymph node underneath my lung (mediastinum) I had a CAT scan in 2008 that depicted the tumor- the radiology report had indicated a clear need for follow-up . However, I was never informed. 4 years later an X-ray on trip to the ER for chest pain revealed the tumor again- doubled in size. A PET scan revealed no other malignancies Thus, I was considered eligible for surgery after chemo shrank the tumor. I am also careful with my diet, with an eye to keeping inflammation to a minimum and optimizing my immune system. Other than the worries about a potential recurrence, some fatigue, and ongoing concentration issues I am not having immediate difficulties.

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Praise the Lord! You're an encouragement to all traveling this journey. God bless you.

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Welcome! Thank you for sharing your story.


Oh Ann, thank you for letting us in on a little bit of your story. What a ride! Keep dropping by - this community needs every single member, we are stronger together.

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