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Cancer servicer

Good morning to all. When I was younger 3yrs old I was diagnosed with a Kidney cancer (tumor) this was removed with the left side kidney from there it speed to brain also a tumour plus mets. From there it spread to my left lung with lung mets and the bottom left lung was removed.

All this was treated with chemo and radiotherapy plus surgery.

I suffer from epilepsy now and recurrent plural pain which I have been told I will have to live with.

Question is does anyone else suffer with plural pain and appart from pain relief how do you cope?

Thanks, Suzie.

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Hi Suze, Was just reading your post. Looks like your saying, you were 3 yrs. old, when you got cancer. Rubyxx 😊


Cluffy, sounds like you have a lot going on. I wonder if peer-to-peer support would be helpful for you? If so, give me a call on the Free to Breathe Support Line (1-844-835-4325); I could give you the contact information for places that could match you to another survivor. Thank you for sharing.


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