Good news

Was having lots of pain in my ribs so dr sent me for xrays and a bone scan. Results showed everything was ok and no metatisis!

Have my Pet scan July 5th and after getting good results from previous tests makes me feel hopeful that the tumors will be gone. Please think of me in your prayers 🙏🏻

Thanks and God bless all of us going through this terrible disease

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14 Replies

  • Glad your xray results were good. You are in my prayers.

  • I'm glad to hear the tests were good. I pray the tumors will be gone on 7/5. God bless you.

  • Wonderful news i have been stable for the past months.have a cat scan Friday will have anxiety till a week from then to hear results.God bless you so happy for you.

  • I also have pain in my ribs the pain doctor says what happened is when they went in to remove my left upper lobe they stretched my ribs and they have're healed. It doesn't show anything you know where it hurts. Hopefully yours won't last long. I' happy the cancer isn't showing any where I'm happy your in remission. I am too for two and a have years.I'll be thinking of you.

  • I'm not in remission. I'm just not having treatment. Hopefully my scans will be negative and then I'll be in remission 😊

  • I am so sorry I thought you were in remission. Please forgive me. the way things are going for you. I hope this last test will show you are in remission. I'll be thinking of you.

  • Looks like I'm in remission now 😊

  • Keep us posted, if you don't mind debi_babtkis. We hope for nothing but good results on your future test!

  • My scan results came in and my tumor is gone!! I'm so happy and thankful for your prayers and support! Will see my onc next week to go over full report and determine where I go from here. Will always maintain my alternative adjunct regiment as I believe that's what got me here more than the chemo and radiation.

    Love and prayers to all

  • What else did you do besides chemo and radiation?

  • CBD oil, several supplements including turmeric, glutathione, spiralina, chlorella, whole food anti oxidants, super B, and folic acid. Essential oils, massage, ate only organic non-GMO grass fed free range no added hormones foods, juicing, mineral water (Figi), visualization, prayer and positive affirmations daily. Next I will be adding holistic treatments such as vitamin C IV, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, infrared sauna, acupuncture, and anything else this clinic has to offer that I feel will help me to stay healthy and cancer free.

  • Debi,

    How did July 5th go? Thank you so much for sharing, every story is a gift to the other members of this community.

  • My tumor is gone !

  • debi Oh thank you i'm so happy for you keep it up whatever your doing its working and remember that little guardian angel is watching over you. I'll be thinking of you and my thoughts will be with you and thats happy ones. @Jo Taylor

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