Surgery in 1 week and Im petrified!!!

Well in 1 week I will be going in for surgery. If they dont find it in my lymph nodes then the doc can proceed with the either wedge, segment or lobectomy. He said he prefers open thoracotomy. Any suggestions on what is best to do to keep pain at a minimum and also to keep the cancer away from coming back? The wedge, segment or full lobe removed???? Any advice from anyone would be appreciated!!! I am petrified!!!! Is it harder to breathe when you wake up in the recovery room? What can I expect?

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  • Best of luck! Mine had metastasized to lymph nodes so surgery was off, had chemo and radiation which shrunk tumor about half. Now 3 treatments of high dose chemo, last one on June 27 then the scans. Lots of anxiety there and prayers. From what I heard they leave the medication available for you to press the button when you have pain. Don't know anyone who had the surgery, wish I could be more help and put your mind at ease. You will be in my prayers.

  • I had a dual wedge resection surgery on left lope, top and bottom 2.5 years ago. I was very fortunate that the cancer had not spread into any lymph nodes. My surgery was a thoractomy performed at MA General. For the time you have to prep before the surgery, I suggest meditation, yoga, simple walks, acupuncture, whatever helps to reduce stress and anxiety for you. Before surgery, I was given an epidural which helped with the pain afterwards. You should be given a morphine pump after surgery. Don't hesitate to use it. Biggest trick with pain management is to not let it get ahead of you. First couple weeks are the hardest but it does get better. Don't be afraid to take pain medication and know it won't last forever. I kept focused on knowing the cancer was removed and now was my time to heal. I also had an anti-anxiety med to help take the edge off. It helped, a lot. Eat well, drink lots of green tea, do your breathing exercises, and enjoy the people around you. Keep in touch. Peace out.

  • My surgery was not to bad when I had a lobectomy, my surgeon had them do an epidural so it really help with the pain. If the pain is bad just ask for more pain mess while in the hospital. For me it was not a problem in the recovery room, nor in cardio-icu. Realize that your fear is natural, but have total faith in your surgeon and THINK positive thoughts. Your attitude has a lot to do with the outcome and your recovery!!! Keep up us updated, and realize that you have lots of people sending you positive thoughts!

  • Prayers for you

  • @#sdively. I have had 2 surgeries & I won't lie to you they hurt. My first one I had a pain pump. BUT my second one at MD Anderson I had an epidural & woke up ready to party. Now when after 5 days they took it out I felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck but the pain management dept really helped with that. Either way the surgery is a bitch but like any other pain we survive it & so far it has saved my life. Good luck to you

  • Hi. Good news. Yes the surgery is easy. Recovery is painful. You will be allowed to go home after 5 days. U just have to use all the pain relief they give u. It does get better. Best of all u are still alive. I am not on oxygen, and I have had two surgeries. If u can just take it one day at a time. Enjoy ur day. God got u.

  • They found cancer cells in the right upper lobe of my lung. They removed the top right lobe of my lung and my lymph nodes. I'm cancer free going on 8 months. If they can get to the cancer without cutting you open it would be better. As long as you keep on your pain medication regularly it's not that bad. They give you a pillow to hold on your body for when you cough. Make sure if they want you to get up and walk, do it. They will give you a little thing to do breathing exercises. They are so advanced in all this now. May God bless you through this difficult time. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

  • Hi I had the wedge I have they couldn't do the lobe They will keep you well medications the first few days are the hardest its been a month I'm still on oxygen but no pain wish you the best if you have any questions please feel free to ask thanks Debbie

  • Thinking of you, hope you can let us know how you are once you feel up to it. Remember - they won't know you have pain if you don't tell them!!!! Virtual, supportive hugs.

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