Mother has NSCLC

Mother has NSCLC

My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer 4 1/2 years ago. She has been on Tarceva for 215 weeks (she keeps track) and now has increased nodules showing on chest xray. She will be having a ct scan, then next week we will see her oncologist for results. I'm afraid he will say the tarceva is resistant now and stop it. She is 78 and does not want chemo or radiation, never expected her to be happy to take a pill! It has allowed her to enjoy life and not have to deal with the side effects from chemo and radiation. I'm afraid this is the beginning of the end. 😔


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14 Replies

  • Praying that your mother get good news God bless just have your faith

  • I'm surprised that this med has done so much. For her

  • Prayers, my Moms support group leader is going on 11 years now. When her treatment becomes resistant, they put her on another. It has been working great.

    God Bless!

  • You need to ask the doctors to get her tested for the T790M mutation. It shows up in 50-60 percent of people that become resistant to Tarceva. If she has it, she can switch to another med call Tagrisso that works like Tarceva - a daily pill. There is a new blood test out for it - they can use that but if it is negative they should test again with the a biopsy as the blood test is not perfect. Good luck.

  • To test for the mutation is that a biopsy?

  • She has a different mutation, although the doctor considered it Insurance won't cover...

  • Playing for u. It ain't over. Keep ur head up.

  • Don't throw in the towel yet,wouldn't it be wonderful if you heard the opposite and it is either shrinking or has gone away.God works miracles everyday.bless you both.

  • I am now on that drug TARCEVA. MY SECOND WEEK ONLY. 70 years old and stage 4 nsclc. I've been on OPTIVO, this is about my 4 or 5 drug sense the nsclc was found 15-16 months ago.

    I have such a rash and it's kicking my butt. Itching is awful. I've tried a dozen different things to help but to no help. Zinc ( BOUDREAUX's BUTT PASTE) if you remember the rashes your kids got......same thing I'm using now. Kind of funny really.....

    Anyway let me know if any of you have a better medication........

    BOUDREAUX's butt paste

    Clindamycin phosphate



    Antibiotic ointment


    All these I've tried with the best listed top to bottom..........

    Thank God for your public and assistance in all help you share......Ike ( an old Marine retired)

  • My mom had a rash too when she started, it's normal but does get better over time. Only has minimal rash on face and more on back off one leg. Hang in there and think positive.

  • The rash is typical. Once your hands are done peeling, it feels weird, but you stop peeling. I am 65 and have your same diagnosis, however, I have been fighting since first diagnosed in 2008. Upper right love removed but C came back in 2013 and last year metasticized. My Tarceva continues to diminish the size of the tumors in my lungs. I'm on a 100 mg dose and doing pretty good. I was on a 150 dose before and that was just too hard on me. Good Luck. Never fear

  • How are things for your Mom now? We are all thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.

  • She's doing well considering. Not much change on her latest ct scan. She stays positive. Thank you

  • Bless you both.

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