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Hey my Doctors say that I saved my own life. I was feeling poorlywent in doc took exray found spot on left lung, he wanted to wait 3mos. And look again didn't sit well with me it was like someone telling me not to listen to him. So I called my other doctor he sent me for c-scan then he sent me to Indiana /Ohio heart had surgery was cancer took lower lobe left lung, two weeks later lung collapsed full of infection had 2nd. surgery spent month in hospital. Now 3years no more in lungs, did get breast cancancer last year but it was stage 1, still going and looking over my shoulder feellike the c-word is there somewhere waiting. I know I sound paranoid, because I am.


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  • Anyone who has had cancer is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. What you're feeling is not paranoia, but sensible awareness.

  • Amen you didn't wait you know your body better then anyone God bless you I am a believe of God that he will heal me in his time in yes the meds we take are high if I can find out how to get the CBD oil are cannabinol oil it a good meds to kill my cancer cells so God bless all

  • You're not paranoid, you're experienced!:-)

  • I had breast cancer in my left breast 16 years ago and had radiation and lumpectomy. I was diagnosed in November 2015 with stage 3 lung cancer in the left lung. I feel the previous radiation caused the lung cancer (even tho I was a light smoker for 14 years but quit in 1987). This is my third cancer...

  • God Bless us all.Our life is precious make everyday count.We have to hold on too God unchanging hand.It's all in Gods hand.I have faith and I believe in our God.Cancer is very serious and we must continue to Pray and ask God for guidance and strength.I just want to continue to give God all the Praises.In Jesus name Amen

  • Prayers

  • I had cervical cancer 19 years ago and I had breast cancer 17 years ago and now I have stage 3 lung cancer on the same side I had radiation for the breast. Plus I've had basal cell several times on my face. I know how you feel about "cancer looming".... It sucks

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