Fighting to survive

In my 6th year remission from3rd stage lung cancer was diginoised in2010 my first round of chemotherapy made me so sick I was in the hospital for6 week's after2 more rounds witch also made me sick i wanted to give up but I didn't then came radiation33 of those and10 to my brain because the small cells like to travel to your brain my chemotherapy Dr told me I had a 50 50 chance of living but if I do everything he ask me to do I have a good chance of living so I decided to fight cancer and 6 years later here I am you know why God held my hand and walked with me and when I couldn't walk anymore God carried me and stood by my Dr's and guided them in the right directions for me, God is great and he is good and I thank him everyday for blessing me with more time with my family. In Jesus name AMEN


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  • Amen

  • Amen

  • Dear fighting to survive, I was wondering did you have surgery as well as chemo and radiation? And were you able to go back to work? Do you still have trouble breathing? Yes Jesus definitely as holding my right hand and his guy did all the doctors and myself through all the difficulties. I love the Lord and I know he is with me day and night and I am never alone. May God guide you and bless you always. Praying for you.

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