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Good morning, 

I am new to this community and if this isn't the right space for my request , my apologies and if you could refer me to to the right place that wud be great.  Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I lost my dad to brain cancer ( GBM) back in 2012 and now my brother is fighting for  his life with metastatic lung cancer , diagnosed 3/16/15, ( in his bones, brain, spleen, lymph nodes). He is very closed lipped about his treatment/prognosis and his GF isn't much help either. 

I have been an advocate for the nat brain tumor society for the past 4 years and am just starting to get involved with the Livestrong foundation.  I say this because I have the tools and the language to speak with legislature about initiatives and moon shots and all that.

 I am, however, at a loss as to how to help my brother.  As a. Big sister it's my job to protect my younger siblings and he is part of that. I realize there isn't anything I can do to make this monster go away, exce[t be there for him the best I can.  I just don't know what that is... He is on his 9th round of chemo ( varying types)  . 

 I would love some suggestions or helpful words as to how to approach things...

Thanks again


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Mary I wish I could help you hun I am just so new to this Cancer disease myself just having it for 8 months first lung now Brain the best thing I wish my siblings would do is ask if they could bring me anything ask how I'm doing even send me a card which is sad because we all live within a mile of each other they can't bring there baby sister some food groceries I pray you find away to get through to your brother that your there for him hope I helped some God Bless you


I've been fighting cancer since 09, I just had my upper right. lung removed, I took chemo in2010,as much as I could then stopped, I still had lung cancer but started to drink baking soda then I was clear I didn't stop smoking so it came back. Look up baking soda cure for cancer I believe it helps makes sense seeing as it changes the alkaline in the body. I think the hardest part of having cancer is when it becomes your hole life, normal is all you want to feel. 


For me what I needed at my first lung cancer was to be permitted to vent a little without every one telling me everything would be ok & to get a better attitude.   I wanted the ones who loved me to sometimes cry with me not all the time just sometimes..  At my second lung cancer I was been there done that but loved ones seemed scared for me.   I am going on 5 yrs from second surgery, both were the big ugly kind, & now no one ever ask me how I feel or if I ever get scared.  It's like I never had cancer.  My doctors have told me that my chances for more are greater now but I try not to think about it.   As for older people having surgery I was 62 on first six & 66 on second. I will be 71 this Thursday so still hanging in there.  My dr did say surgery will no longer be an option if it comes back


Hi Mary, it sounds like you have connections with Livestrong and other organizations like that and they can help you with appointment, support, etc so that's great . I really believe knowledge and knowing about the disease is extremely helpful so Patient Power's videos might help you and your brother. I'd also just ask your brother how you can support him, take him to chemo if you can, stay with him after, say you love him. You are strong! Hope this helps! -Theresa


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