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help me please

I have all the system of Pudendal nerve entrapment/ also decompression.. I am a very detail person and I want to know what happens first with (what they do to prepare you . How long is the surgery. How long is healing time? I am a long distance runner? Will I ever be able to run again??? Is it a painful recovery??? Are you on a pump or just Pills?

My appointment isn't till May 28th and 29, this is just for a consultation, how long does it take to set up surgery? I need to know these answer's. I am scared. Help me please

Barbara J.

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I'm sorry, I don't know any of your answers, except recovery is different for everyone for any procedure !!

The best people to ask are the Consultants and take someone with you !! Can the procedure be brought forward? get it over with quicker.

Not heard of Pudendal Nerve Entrapment but I've found this link, which I hope will be of help ..

Hope it all goes well x


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