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Wisdom teeth extraction and general anesthetic

Had my initial appointment with the maxillofacial surgery in the hospital today.

I need all 4 wisdom teeth out and I chose to go under general anesthetic and have them out in one go instead of under local in 2 sessions. (I have CFS and Fibro)

Was a little worried when they told me that your bottom jaw can go permanently numb (very rare), but I was wondering if anyone else has been under general anesthetic or had wisdom teeth out and what to expect from it in terms of pain and healing time etc and what it feels like to go under (never been under general before).

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Firstly, make sure that everyone that treats you knows you have CFS and Fibro. they should treat you a lot more gentler (is that a word, sounds wrong).

I had a general for a different procedure, and it was great. Didn't feel a thing, just went to sleep, woke up, all done and dusted.

From experience of teeth pain and Trigeminal Neuralgia, and of course having CFS and Fibro myself, having the teeth sorted, (even if you do feel some side effects) would be an improvement. Tooth and face pain has to be the worse !!

Hope it goes well x


I had one out and only had local anesthetic. Which really upset my RLS. I told them I had ME, but made no difference to how they treated me. I had a masive panic attack and cried loads. I wish they had let me go under completely but as it was only one they wouldn't. I had a numb mouth and tongue for about 8mths, but I think that was down to the amount of local they put into my jaw. I would say with a general you are less likely to have any problems and you won't feel anything either whilst it is being done. Good luck x


I have ME, IBS and other things and had my two lower wisdom teeth out in October under GA. The opperation was fine.

After the operation slept lots, alot more than i had been. Id advise having heat pack/ Ice pack avaliable. to hold on the side of your face and lots of cussions to prop your self up with in bed/ on the sofa.

Dont try doing anything for a good few days after you have them out. Ask them to prescribe you corsydl mouth wash or something similar and ask for extra gauze to take home and pain killers and anti inflamatories

Stock up on stuff for smoothies * but not things with seeds like strawberrys or oats. and smooth spoups. Mashed potatoe, Soft foods.

Get a childs tooth brush.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions


Thanks for the replies guys =].


I had all four wisdom teeth extracted in the 1970's as there was not enough room for them. This was long before I ME. After the operation it was several days before I could easily open my mouth and a nerve was damaged which resulted in a lack of sensation for part of my chin and one of my front teeth was chipped.. My face did eventually return to normal.

A baby toothbrush is a good idea.

Going under for GA, all I can remember is counting backwards from 100 and then I woke up with a very stiff mouth which I could hardly open.


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