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Could your DNA provide a clue to the reason for fibromyalgia? Be part of the largest genetic study ever conducted into fibromyalgia…

Are you fed up with poor treatment of chronic pain? We will be able to devise better therapies only with improved understanding of the biology of pain. We are exploring the genetics of chronic pain by:-

• collecting 2000 samples of DNA from people with fibromyalgia/chronic widespread pain

Volunteers urgently needed! We will ask you simply to

• fill in a pain questionnaire about you and your symptoms

• donate a blood sample at your surgery (we will send the blood taking kit)

We aim to publish the results and will post a summary of the research in the FMA UK newsletter. If you provide an email we can provide feedback from your questionnaire.

Get in touch (0207 188 1928) and we will send you the details or click on the following link

Thank you very much for your help.

Dr Frances Williams,

Senior Lecturer and Hon Consultant Rheumatologist

Dept Twin Research,

King’s College London

St Thomas’ Hospital

London SE1 7EH

3 Replies

My doctors' surgery did mine today, free, and I've just posted it off to them !! :)


My surgery did mine for free early last week my brothers surgery did his for free too. I hope we get to hear about the findings as it will be good to know if there is a genetic link. There are 3 of us in our generation diagnosed with FMS. My son has been diagnosed with CFS so would love to think that they can find a reason and then, Please God, a cure.


I had my bloods done yesterday, free too. If they do charge, Kings College will pay £15. I assume the doctor should charge them direct.


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