Hello there i was wondering if anyone could help me, i keep having chronic pain in my right foot (specifically in the second toe and sometimes it extends to the biggest toe) this happens when my body feels cold. its a very sharp pain and for someone who has a high pain threshold, the pain brings me to tears. its been happening for over 5 years now and at this point I feel helpless. i have bought boots, thick socks, to keep my legs warm but this doesn't really help once any part of my body gets cold, the pain starts (even in summer time). I have complained to the GP but they always say they don't know what it is. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 10 years ago and the anytime i ask if this pain has something to do with my arthritis i'm told no. I was on medication for my arthritis (Hydroxychloroquine) but i stopped it a few years ago because it was making me feel really sick and i was trying for my second child. Can any one please help me, the weather is changing and its getting cold. The pain has stated again. I read something about Peripheral neuropathy, the symptoms are very similar. HELP!!!!

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  • Have you had your peripheral circulation tested? Also grasp your forefoot on either side and squeeze if that produces pain it could be a trapped Nerve between the heads of the metatarsals (Mortens Neuroma) or arthritic spur between the toes. Final thought would be unusual appearance of Sciatic type pain. Is there any colour change in the toe when it is painful. Does it go white / red? Nerve conduction would rule out peripheral neuropathy, but you could check B12 and Diabetes.

    What tests have been done?

  • i had some blood tests done recently to see if my arthritis was active and it came back negative. i have mentioned being tested for diabetes and i know i was tested for it, it also came back negative. the toes do not change color when it hurts and when I perform the lateral squeeze test i don't feel the pain. The pain I feel is concentrated at the tips of the toes (my toe nail region). i feel so helpless sometimes and i always get the feeling GP's do not appreciate when you suggest what you think you're suffering from. i'm always left feeling like i'm crazy. could you please suggest some tests i could ask the GP to conduct or request done? i'm desperate for the pain to stop. i am a 35 years old mother of 2 and i have been suffering this chronic pain for over 6 yrs now.

  • Do you smoke, it could be Raunauds, other possibility would be to get a nerve conduction test to rule out neuropathy

  • No I do not smoke. I will request for a nerve conduction test thank you

  • I get pain in my toes when I have to much weight on my feet so I get a lot of relief when I reduce the weight. I have light sheets light doona. I used to wear socks but that made things worse. I get relief with lambs wool at the bottom of my bed for my feet to lie on, so try not to have your feet upright try to spread your feet apart. It works for me. I take Targin 20mgs twice a day and I use sleeping pills and sleep on my side not on my back because it effects my toes. I am not over weight nor am diabetic, the best advice I can give is to keep in touch with other peoples testimonials.

  • Have you tried Capacin Cream from your GP? It contains cayenne pepper, wear latex gloves when applying it. I am not sure whether you may have PN as it does not matter what the temperature is, PN is not seasonal.

  • I have the same thing. Pain in the bottom my toes when the weather turns cold. Its called chilblains. Its usually not serious just annoying. Google chilblains and look at the pictures of the bottom of your toes or wherever you feel the pain.

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