Trigeminal neuralgia

Hi all can anyone tell me the symptoms of trigeminal nueralgia please, I have been getting shooting pains in my cheek bone very sharp, saw my doctor over it last week and she said go to the dentist , well I have done that and every thing is fine there . But this pain is so shape it stops you in your tracks , was just wondering if it might be this nueralgia as I have read some of your blogs and it sounds the same as me . Help please .Anne x

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  • Sounds it .. it is the worse pain. I have other conditions and I say this is the worst, because it's relentless.

    My pain is left side, from my ear, down my jaw and rattling around my teeth. Luckily Tegretol (prescribed by Dr) works for me.

    You can get right side, but usually it's on the left.

    Ask to be referred, if your doctor won't help x

  • How strange, it's nearly always on the right side, mine is, I was told.

  • Mine is on the right side do you think it might be it

  • I have tn and it's usually on the right more than the left but obviously u do get on the left,the pain is like getting an electric shock every few seconds it takes the breath from u,I've been Prescribed tramadol and amitriptyline that seems to be working but it does come back every now and then. X

  • It is possible. Do you have wisdom teeth ? I had mine removed, and that also helped ease a lot of my pain.

  • The NHS site says the right side,

  • No wisdom teeth

  • Sounds like temporal Jaw pain. Like you I have this pain but mine is on the left and after visiting the dentist and my Dr, I was referred to the ENT dept. at hospital and was then diagnosed with this, it is a form of arthritis of the jaw and is extremely painful when it flares up.

  • you will know when you have trigeminal neuralgia. i have had it for ten years ,i have had several types of medication, at the moment i take 2400 mg of oxcarbazepine per day and i still get pain

  • I have Left side TN, diagnosed by neurologist last December. I also am on Tegretol and that controls my pain, but does nothing for the permanant tingling and burning lip sensations, or the total numbness down left side.

  • I am in the process of being diagnosed with TN. I was having bad toothache but dentist could find nothing wrong and referred me to hospital dental unit. Since seeing them I now understand what all the shooting pains are that I get especially in my jaws and over my eyes.

    Mine is mostly in right side but today started on the left as well!

  • I have been refered to oral surgen as my pain is that bad. The only thing i can assume it would feel like is running into a moving object and that thud you get that knocks you for six. Migrains cheek pain sight desterbanses.

    Kerry xx

  • I wouldn't describe trigeminal as a thud it's a very sharp pain like an electric shock and it's awful they call it the suicidal disease it's the worst pain I've ever had and I've had a lot of pain but this really is the worst and I dread every second of the thought of wen I will get it next x

  • I had TM on the right, it started with viral meningitis about 3 years ago but is pretty much gone now. I can tell when it's TM or toothache because paracetamol will usually help with toothache (even if it doesn't completely mask it) but when it's TM even morphine doesn't work and I have to resort to carbamazepine or similar, which I hate because I haven't found one that doesn't have side effects that are almost as bad in their own way - in the case of carbemazepine it's permanent thrush like symptoms.

  • TN is a sharp stabbing pain felt on one side of the face affecting the eye, head, upper and lower jaw. The pain is indescribable, true TN is like electric shocks when you touch your face or brush your teeth. My pain is constant so I have what's known as Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. Have had surgery, infusions, nerve blocks into my face but to no avail. I now exist on a combination of drugs and have suffered from it for almost 24 years. Find out exactly what it is and get it treated ASAP.

  • I too suffer from ATN, constant aching pressure on upper RHS, taking 5x600mg Gabapentine. Have been offered MVD for two burst blood vessels based on your experience would you go for it? I'm 54 in July was thinking of riding out the storm. alan1111

  • This is typical of TN and I seriously hope, that 2 years down the line you have found some help. Message me Anne if you haven't

  • hello Anne yes this is just like my pain after years i have finally been diagnosed with TN i know how debilitating this can be and people cant understand as you dont look in pain it caused me to cancel a holiday as i just couldnt cope and i have to take each day at a time ive just started tegratol and slowly building up the dose until it hopefully keeps it under control my dentist said it was neuralgia i had a ct scan to check for anything else but that was clear my thoughts are with you its good to know yr not alone


  • Hi .... I'm very new to this and not happy at all. A couple of weeks ago I felt as though my teeth were a bit sensitive so bought some Sensodyne. Anyhow, this got worse and worse and then Monday I had the most excruciating pain all down my left jaw, affecting all my teeth - I can only liken it to contractions. Stopped after a couple of minutes but I felt wiped out. Then it happened again a few times, stopping me in my tracks. Went to Dentist who said it sounded exactly like TN - checked my teeth and said they were fine. Went to Dr who agreed and who has put me on Amitryptyline and asked me to go back in 2 weeks. Anyhow, I've had loads more attacks, can't bear to eat or drink anything and can't find any medication that I can buy that can take the edge of this awful pain, which has had me in tears. The only thing I've got is Paramol. Can anyone help?

    I was really hoping that this might be just some sort of virus and that it will go away. Feeling miserable ....

  • Try taking ibuprofen 12 hr capsules they really help . But if I was you I would go to your GP and ask for co-codamol 30/500 (30mgs codine 500 mgs paracetamol ) you can still take ibuprofen with these good luck .

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