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Body giving up

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Lying on sofa lent over to pick tv remote from the floor right arm started shaking violently then lost strength in my arm which then meant I fell off the sofa with my body still shaking I was now stuck between the sofa and put up bed.

Now my legs give up no strength and I was unable to get up on my own, luckily Richard Harrison was in the house and he had to pull me up to half way up with help from Melanie I thought legs may come back but didn’t I had zero strength in my legs and I knew I was not going to get myself up and onto sofa so Richard had to pull me up and back onto sofa.

Since then suffered from shaking of legs and arms and then a weird felling I was shaking under my skin so nobody could see it but it is the weirdest feeling.

Once shaking had come to an end it leaves me absolutely knackered like I’ve just done a marathon. Feels like my body is slowly shutting down and that my arms and legs are slowly getting worse causing me to be baby like when they try to start walking at the beginning of life feels like I’m heading for fight to be able to try and keep arms and legs going for as long as possible. We will see how long it will be until legs lose strength and never come back which I don’t know how I would handle it.

My Wife has progressive MS as well so she is also going through problems with her legs etc and I always said if it gets to where you cannot walk anymore I will be there to help you now I feel inadequate as it may be me first unable to walk and I won’t be any use just a a shell of a body with nothing working properly I’m only 55 supposed to be time of enjoying yourself and do the things you always wanted to do when kids are grown up and I won’t be able too. What did we do in life to deserve this Me with FND and Wife with progressive MS.

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Your leg strength might come back. Your knees might lock when you lean forward, which would keep them from buckling. You might be able to get around walking on your hands and feet together at the same time. You might be able to move by supporting your weight on nearby tables, furniture, and doorknobs as you move around. Try walking sideways and backward. If your tremors in your arms start when you extend them, only extend them as far as you can without the tremors starting. Try shocking your legs with a TENS device to keep them moving (but only do this when you need to walk...not all day).

Keep your cell phone nearby so that you can have it play music, books, or podcasts for you. You may want to use an electronic assistant like Amazon's Alexa or Google Play to keep you entertained.

Hopefully, you will have enough "good" times in the day to get to the toilet, get your food and water, and pay bills. Groceries and cooked food can be delivered to your home.


If you have inflammatory disease, thyroid problems, gut problems or on a proton pump inhibitor you may have lower B6 levels, certain drugs can affect levels too. While frank B6 deficiency is is rare, low levels are unfortunately all too common. Maybe try P5P version of vitamin B6. It's more easily used by your body so if there's a problem with any step absorbing and converting it to it's active form then it will cut them out. You will need magnesium too with it and start low with P5P - don't do what I did and start high. If you have been on B6 it will slam it all into your cells (it's used to treat high B6 levels too).

You will have to discuss it with your GP if you are on medication or have complex health problems. Have a google to see if it may be relevant to you. Certainly it's helped me. It's not a panacea, but it's a great help if it works. Just a thought. xx

When your legs feel weak, your consciousness might be receiving a false sensation of weakness from your legs, which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So before you try to walk, tell yourself, "I might get a false sensation of leg weakness when I stand, but it is false and I will try to ignore it." This might help. Sometimes it helps me, but not 100% of the time.

Ok cheers

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