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5-HTP experiences at night for sleep w/ FND?


I know everyone is an individual, but it has been brought up to try 5-htp for sleep by my counselor since i’m going through a stressful time. What are people’s experience with this & FND? Better clarity during the day? I’m in a new joh & my memory is shot, having cognitive difficulties..was hoping this might help. I’m awful sensitive to supplements & prescriptions. Thank you for replies

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Hi, It's me again,

5-HTP does not actually cross the blood brain barrier on it's own in enough quantity. I took it while taking sinemet (horrible drug which destroys vitamin B6) the c-dopa helps it across the BBB. There are some who combine 5-HTP with black tea or l-theanine supplement as the l-theanine may help it across. I'm not sure about that myself. As many migraines are caused by a build up of 5-HTP I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole if you have migraines. It set mine off big time.

One thing that did help my mood and concentration is vitamin B6. It helps make serotonin. Sunlight helps with making serotonin too, so maybe your light therapy will help there. There is a higher percentage of vitamin B12 and B6 deficiency in people with mental health issues so maybe consider B12 too if you can tolerate it.

I find that a strong black tea helps with concentration as it's the combination of caffeine and l-theanine in it that the first acts as a stimulant and the latter has anti-anxiety properties. I'm a sensitive bunny too. Can't tolerate anti-depressants and many drugs don't agree with me. I hope this helps.



Yeah coffee worked wonders until I got gastritis and had to cut way back. Thanks for chiming in again. I’ve had this for 10years off & on, but never to this level cognitively. I can’t remember anything and with 3 kids, plus a new job it’s not looking good



The gastritis may be why you were not feeling any benefit from vitamin supplements. Vitamins won't be absorbing properly. Sublingual sprays will be more beneficial for you - I have gastritis too added on to thyroid antibodies which already made me prone to B12 and B6 deficiency. No wonder I got sick really.

I haven't found a B6 sublingual spray yet. I ended up taking 500mg a day which is high, especially as it occurs in most foods. I just upped the dose until I stopped falling over and tripping up, even when I was due on my period. Read up on B6 before taking it.

I'm afraid there's no supplement for pacing and resting appropriately. Which I'm sure with 3 children must feel nearly impossible.

Good luck x

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Hi, I struggle, as you being very sensitive to many things, I had blackouts following prescribed vitamin D from the doctors , I don't take anything that isn't natural to my system anymore if it's full of additives I put it back. I take a very high dose of natural vitamin D capsule in natural oil base ( the body can not od on it whatever your doctor say you are more likely to have a reaction to any of their 🤢) I follow Vitamin D deficiency UK for advice on how to manage my symptoms and how to get the right minerals they have really helped my energy and meditation. I also take natural B12 oil based and Omega3. It's so important to look after our health and immune system ❤

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