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I've started having tremors in my legs. Is that bad?


This week I noticed my left leg started shaking, and today the right has joined in. Not all the time though, but I had PT today and they want me to mention it in my psychiatrist appointment tomorrow. Is this something to worry about? Could it be a precursor to seizures? I've never had a seizure before.

Thanks guys,


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Dear jesdue

I also get tremors in my right arm and both legs but also not togther l just let them do there thing and i try not to worry about it i cant control it or stop them so i dont wastse engergy to try.

I really have no idea why this happends and its embarrassing at times.

i know its hard but try not to worry this FND is a strange thing.

hugs too you


Hi Jesdue

I was diagnosed with non epileptic seizures initially that were very violent and have now subsided to full body tremors as if I'm shaking with cold even on a very hot summers day, to jerk movements and other types of unwarranted or unwanted movements. I also get shakes and all sorts. Just let them do what they need to do as advised by your other response, as long as you are in a safe environment there is no need to be fearful or anxious about them, although it is very easy for me to say this as I am the complete opposite when it happens to me lol. Just try not to panic and they just go away as you have now probably witnessed.

All the best GentleFlower

I wouldn't worry jesdue...my wife has these tremors from time to time.when she first got them they lasted a straight week..it would stop when she fell asleep...now it only happens while she sleeps every now and then ...i dedicate countless hours studying and researching fnd..i learn all i can for my wife...i used to get worried when she would tremor while asleep..scared the hell out of me.... but in studying I've read many different times that its the body releasing stress...reading that many times in medical reports n studies and stuff like that has now eased my mind...i used to sit up all night not getting sleep watching her and being scared myself...now when she does it sleeping i think of it as a reboot....she's releasing all the days stresses so she will be fresh and ready the next morning...my wife has come a long way since being diagnosed with fnd/conversion disorder....hang in there..everything will be fine..there is a light at the end of the tunnel..you will be ok

Sending big hugs,


Mygeordiebud in reply to Cmb3210

If the tremor is in the right start tapping the left hand against your left leg start tapping slowly and concentrate on this the tremor oh the right hand should stop. Same principle if it’s a leg use either arm or tap the left leg slowly and just concentrate on this and the tremor should stop.

Cmb3210 in reply to Mygeordiebud

I've heard about tapping and other things like it...i haven't studied this much..i started to at one point and somehow got away from it(guess i let other reading distract me)....there was also this tapping thing on your head..i gotta start looking it up again...do u have any other info about it u could give me..thanks....Chris

Mygeordiebud in reply to Cmb3210

Hi Chris

I was taught this tapping treatment at the Rosa Burden Center in Bristol.

When I was there taught me how to walk Better as I was always hunched up and now I use the swaying method of side to side this way your body does all the work and it leaves you with loads of energy as when hunching up and walking it was taking all my energy to walk a little distance.

To get in the Center you need to be referred by your own GP and provided you live in the area it covers.

I was in there for 3 weeks teaches you how to relax with meditation etc.


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