FND Didn't Kill Me! We are back

For our subscribers...and those that follow our vlog...guess what...this is like a month old but we have been trying to make our comeback awhile. ;)

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  • Hi, First of all first time I watched you, your family and you are beautiful!! Where were you hiking I didn't catch it. Looks so much like a place we have hiked often called J Cooke Park in Duluth MN, close by where we live. I see your husband had a Seattle shirt on, we have much family in Seattle. Was just curious where it was, because it looked so familiar. God Bless Cathy

  • Thank you Cathy. We live in Portland, Oregon. This is called Eagle Fern Park. It's about 40min south east of Portland. Xoxox. Thanks for watching

  • Grandson lives in Oregon, been there many times, brother used to work at intel there before his death.

    Such a beautiful place😊

  • Oh I'm so sorry for your loss. Yes Oregon is amazingly beautiful.

  • I am happy to learn that you are all doing ok. Please do not feel guilty! Everyone is entitled to take time to take care of themselves whenever and however they need, especially anyone with a chronic illness. As a spouse and mother of over 30 years, and now a Grandmother, I know that life is HARD and we can only first take care of ourselves and our family. If we do not, then we are not any good to anyone. We all love your vlogs, and they are definitely worth waiting for!

  • Is this Carol from Canada!?

  • If it is ... Thank you so much for your thoughtful card!!! We have been meaning to send you back a note!!!

  • Aw.. That's OK. It wasn't meant for any return, just a simple note to let you know that you are appreciated.

  • Oh but we were so touched I want to!

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