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Really amazing!

I must say how amazing and wide ranging this condition is. So many people with different symptoms but all pointing in the same direction.

As for me i saw my speech therapist and my speech went during the session. She did some mouth, speech and sound exercises with me but it didn't help much however she did plan to discharge me on the second visit but as there were changes she has now asked that when i have an episode to email her so she could give me an emergency appointment.

She concluded that my episodes are triggered by pain which originally started in my head in the form of migraines but is also now triggered by pain in my ears and face.

I have now been referred to ENT and pain management to try and pinpoint where the pain in coming from and have an MRI scan next week.

Fingers crossed!

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Good luck, I have Sjögren's syndrome and the symptoms are very similar to FND and it comes from glands in front of your ears and can cause pain that area.

I hope you get some answers


Thank you. I will keep everyone updated!


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