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Fnd auction

Hi folks... so please do check out as there are some amazing art pieces up for grabs through auction ...

Donated by some incredible artists! It's a chance to have some excellent quality products and raise awareness through conversations when you own the art in your office or home... also the money raised will be used by fnd hope to raise awareness.

Also on Thursday there will be doctors taking part on awareness day on different time zones so you can have chance to learn more about fnd and hear what others are asking & get some of your answers known too.

It's great that so many people have offered to give up their time on this day so please do take up the opportunity to get involved along with your friends,family & carers.

Exciting things happening!

Take care

Andy (Glasgow)

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Please share with your network. Proceeds go to research and patient support.


There is such great work up for auction I even donated a painting myself anything to get help for the FND foundation


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