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Awarness Week

Hey guys,

just to let folks know theres other ways to link with us on social media, Facebook is a given, but why not follow us, or get your friends,family,carers, Doctor, consultant & Postman to follow us on

Instagram - fnd_hope

Twitter - @FNDHope

these will be some media platforms where we will post encouraging pictures, words, articles & many more things to give you a smile and even some ideas.

We hope youll be getting involved too with FND Hope Awarness Day on Thursday 13th April... THIS THURSDAY!

check out the facebook page for some more info and the silent auction for some great art work donated by some fantastic artist...

we need your help to help us help you... try saying that when having a hard day with words!

take care folks & remember...

your'e not alone!

Andy (Glasgow)

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