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I'm just wondering how private these emails are. A friend did a Google search on something and a message I replied to a year or so ago has appeared in the results list.

I thought this forum is private, but I've just discovered that it depends on which option you choose under the heading of 'Who can see my post?' below.

So be careful. If you don't want the world to see what you've written, make sure you change the setting to 'Only followers in my community'. Then only those who have signed into the FND Hope community can see it.


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Actually Vivienne this is a discussion that is regularly held on the Fibromyalgia HU forum about locking posts. You need to select community rather than everyone when writing a post or the post and all it's replies are open to the entire internet. But my understanding is that even selecting community only means that it is open to all HU forums not just the one you are posting it on.

By the way I notice that this post is not displaying the padlock symbol at the top either. Which tells me that you have not locked this one. Again it is my understanding that only the original poster or admins on each relevant forum can lock a post, but it can be done retrospectively.

Personally I prefer to lock all my posts except those which I am happy to reach a wider audience such as ones with links to petitions to sign or that raise awareness of the condition in some way. But I also prefer to try and think of others as any information on that post, including replies is open to the entire web. It also means I try to be careful not to disclose too much personal information in my replies to other people's posts. But sadly as brain fog is ever present it's all too easy to make mistakes in that respect.

Gentle hugs,


I never think of a forum as private, as you say a Google seatch on anything pulls up a.load of forum entries and it is hard to know how to ensure you have secured everything. I always send my own posts to the community but I presume that any reply to a post is covered by whatever the original poster set it at - which I don't know. So best to just assume it is like publishing something on an open page...


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