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Where to go from here

So far things have been looking up for me since my diagnosis in October 2016. Although my symptoms are less severe and multiple as many here I still experience debilitating migraines and speech problems.

So far since 7th February I have not taken any medication but have had a few headaches. But now my eyes hurt and I am unable to tolerate fast moving images on the television and cannot spend long periods of time on my laptop. I have seen my neurologist who has given me a good prognosis and has stated that I should be able to return to my current position with adjustments.

My current role is within a busy doctor's surgery and my problem is that I no longer feel that I can resume my role there. The more I think about returning to more stressed I become then the cycle begins. I did originally enjoy my job but since my diagnosis and absences I no longer feel comfortable there. My GP has told me thst I need to get a job closer to home as it takes an hour an a half and 3 modes of transport to get there although currently I work 4 hours a day and take a can to and from work vis the dwp. I am on ESA right now but know that leaving the job means no financial assistance for a while and staying will probably mean I will be off again.

Any ideas as I don't want my symptoms to return. 😔😔

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Hi Angela, I had to leave my job I loved 2 years ago as am housebound and unable to drive or walk far and unable to hear more then 1noise at a time. I have with my partner fought and eventually got esa and pip, it wasn't easy and only got awarded last December. If you are unable to work even though like me you want to you really have to fight the system to get disability. My last dr wouldn't help at all but my new dr helped enormously. A charity helped to fill forms in. Any appointment I have I shutdown as unable to concentrate for long. I wish you all the luck in the world but you must think of yourself and rest so you continue to get better, if you push yourself too hard you could go backwards which would be horrendous. Am glad to hear that someone has finally improved, maybe their is hope for me and others on here, that would be fantastic. Thank you for writing this. Best wishes Lisa.

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Thank you for this. I am glad that you have got what you needed to help you.


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