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FND and disassociation symptoms.


Hi everyone!

I'm just writing this on my way to work because my wife had an episode before which is a first for her.

I came into the flat and she was crying whilst standing up as she couldn't move.

She felt like she was out of her own body and couldn't walk for a while.

She sat down and her head went forward and was unable to bring it back up until about 10 minutes time.

She was a bit like a rag doll, and I mean that in the nicest possible way folks.

She then improved but it scared her.

We're on a day trip tomorrow and she does get anxious over that.

Any connection do you think?

Has anyone had this?

Many thanks again everyone.

Loving wishes to you all.

Tony & Kim xx

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Morning Tony

I have had FND for about 5 years with various symptoms. I started with non epileptic seizures after my dad nearly died and was in intensive care last September, so for me defiantly stress related. Sometimes I stand and stare sometimes I shake and jerk (right side only), both events make me lose time and become exhausted. However if this is a new symptom for Kim then I really encourage her to see the doctor for a check up. My Neuro helpfully said "well can't you just stop them?". I drew the short straw with her.

I wish I could share some tips to stop the attacks but I've tried so many things that it feels hit and miss as to if I've made a difference. Anxiety or if my other FND symptoms are flaring can trigger an attack but Lord only knows why.

Sorry I can't be more help

Best wishes



Morning to you.

Many thanks for your reply and we will definitely raise this with Kim's Neurologist next week.

So sorry to hear about your Father and we hope he's doing better health wise.

You're definitely correct about stress but then again other symptoms happen when she's not stressed, so as you say, it's hit and miss and there's always the question marks.

We wish you all the very best and will keep you in our hearts.

We just hope our day trip today to Yorkshire will be ok but I'm sure it will.

It's good to see new scenery if you're fortunate enough to be able to get out.

Many thanks again.

You've been most helpful.

Gods blessings.

Tony & Kim xx😊😊

Hi I have these all the time , had a really bad one on Thursday night lasted two and a half hours. They are known as disasociative seizures. Very frightening as unable to move or talk, just keep her safe and warm and in time she may come to realise what her triggers are some of mine are TVs being over tired and bright lights . Big hugs to her , I am soon to see Jon stone and hope he has some answers.

Bright lights, smells, definitely fatigue, and stress all play a part for me, now trying to avoid these things is the challenge. God Bless, Cathy


Hope day out goes well for you, it must be lovely to still get out and about, it's great your wife still can, hope you enjoy your day. Lisa-Anne. 😄😀

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