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Vitamin and mineral supplements for Fnd

Hello ,

My daughter has been diagnosed with Fnd 3 weeks ago.She is 16. Her major illness is chronic fatigue , muscle pains and she has seizures and 'drop attacks'.At the moment I don't feel I'm getting much support from nhs , so have been researching on line.Ive seen magnesium and B vitamins are recommended by people suffering with CFs , and wondered if anyone is taking supplements , and what they find help.

Many thanks xx

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Hey, sorry to hear this. I personally don't take any vitamins but that's due to getting enough from plenty of fruit. Each morning I make a smoothie with pineapple banana strawberries and blueberries. This gives a good intake. I also take fruit during the day and plenty of water and avoid sugar in tea and avoid biscuits.

These are small things to help but also exercise too with swimming gradually going from small movements of arms and legs while sitting in pool and eventually you can build it up to swimming and this is all from experience! :-) happy to help and can private message if you want too

God bless



Thanks Andy, am increasing her fruit intake, hopefully this will help.did you get any physio , or did you just use swimming to increase mobility?

Many thanks x


I got Physio too however it is more beneficial to have a Physio lonkednworh your neurologist so you can get specialised Physio and someone who understands fnd.


Thanks Andy , my GP has referred her as Camhs were sitting on it as she's not classed as a child although under 17, so waiting on appointment...


I take Vitamin B12 daily along with a vitamin supplement and find it does give me more energy..You might want to get her in to see an Endocrinologist as a deficiency in certain minerals at vitamins can cause a host of problems..


I'm going to take her to the GP this week to ask for this, thank you for your advice Kadaffy x


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