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Will my FND symptoms continue to get worse?


What’s the prognosis? I have a young daughter and a beautiful wife. I think I have been in denial about this for some time but now my symptoms seem worse than ever.

I’m starting to get scared.

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Hiya, in what way does it seem to be getting worse? I am also a FND sufferer, but feel free mate to add more info to your article so we can help or add our advice. Whats your symptoms that usually you suffer from. Chin up, we all know what its like :)

Slurred speech

Poor balance

Walk like Frankenstein's monster

Illegible handwriting (I've never been neat but it's now totally incomprehensible)

Typing is extremely slow and laborious (ex journo and used to pump out a genuine 60 WPM)_ .. i haven't done a test lately but would guess i am down to about 5 with appalling accuracy.

I have bladder problems that may or may not be FND related

I get physically exhausted extremely easily

Wife says i do this strange thing with my tongue when I eat

I am sure there's more but that will do for now they are all getting worse.

Are you in Australia visioinrm?

skifast in reply to mvrsports

Ditto add blindness , I also ski with a bunch of Aussies and Kiwis. IPC disabled sports.

I am in Australia and l have the same symptoms the speech is not very good in morning the word just come out all wrong, the headaches and fatigue is very depressing and I just don't know when l will get better no one can tell me l feel hopeless and scared.

where abouts shazza? I'm in country NSW

I am in cairns where in nsw do you live?

Leeton...will you be impacted by the cyclone or is it futher north?

HI i know how you are feeling, have you got a good doctor you could talk to. Are you under a Neurologist. Feeling scared is natural especially when you feel the symptons are getting worse. If you would like to talk I am here for you.

I'd suggest joining us on the Facebook group via FNDHope.org. There are some 2000 of us there who will be able to help and support you further.

I'm at work at the moment so I'll have a look at the Facebook page tonight.

As for the doctor and neurologist, I'm not sure how much they know about FND. I will sus out the GP in the next week or two and have an appointment with neurologist in May.

Best get back to work.

Thanks for your support guys.

mvrsports in reply to mvrsports

Oh Yeah...ironic part is...work is assisting people with disability into work....some of them are more able bodied than me...lol

call me at3034227190 we can talk or skype @nick.manely I can help your phscyie show you how to try and block out. I am a skiracer that will not give up!!!

Have you seen The hidden world of FND by fndhope.org

Survival is my prognosis but..... That is to keep out of what I call the blackhole.!!

FND is a hard diagnosis to accept but often with acceptance comes some relief of symptoms. Try and get as much support as you can. This is a great place to start.

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