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RA in Hands and Forearms

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I’m wondering what helps others have found that gives relief For the RA pain in my hands. Thanks.

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Soaking my hands in hot water for a while and then moving my hands inside water have helped me with my joint stiffness.

Many years ago I used have my hands dipped in hot wax. Fantastic.

First, think back as to what you might have done recently to cause the pain in your hands. I find that it is usually some kind of repetitive motion that causes me to have pain. So, now that you have examined what might have been the cause, avoid that kind of activity for a few days until your hands begin to improve. Warm water and hot wax are helpful and so is gentle massage and using compression gloves. I would try a combination of these things, as well as some deep breathing which seems to help any malady. Hope you find relief soon.