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pain pain pain !!!!

got so much pain everywhere every time i have a flare up they seem to be more painful and last for longer the pain doesn't seem to go anymore it is constantly there perticully in my lower back so sore and in my groins and pelvis, my feet are so sore too the left one keeps swelling around the ankle like its bulging , imy arms hurt my ribs and chest hurt why oh why does this illness effect me i just want to be me, went to see the doctor yesterday and said that we need to get this thing under control with your medication and that i should consider having the right hip replaced(i keep putting it off as had left one done 2years ago and it caused a burstitis) but i am scared mr johnson is soo understanding hank god , i am getting pain in my arms shoulders they also think i have carpel tunnel as i am gett numbness and pins and needles in my hands grrrr i have my angry head on today i am snapping at my lovely husband i ont mean to :( sorry for ranting on, this site is my release as i know so many of you have the same feelings toooo xx

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I get tingling in my hands and fingers ...I have been told its caused by my neck and shoulder muscles spasming constantly .. Awaiting my pain injections .... I am glad you went to your GP and he understands whatbyounare going through and is trying to work with you to get the pain under control... As to the hip replacement although you went through a lot ... Is the other hip ok now?? If so then you have the comfort of knowing it will get better in the long term even if the op will be troublesome.... A change of meds or dosage may well be what you need .. And also some warm weather... I love the warmth.....

Keep your angry head on and rant till its all out of your system and then swap back.... Glad you came on here to vent a little we all understand.... So no need to apologise....

Fingers crossed you get your flare under control soon and so glad you have an understanding GP

VG xxx


it's has left me with a very painful burstitis hence why i am not so sure about having the op as the consultant said i could end up with the same result so i could end up with more pain like the right one so frustrating because i ent through such a painful op to relieve the pain to have more pain, hopefully the medication can be sorted i take zomorph 20mg twice daily, 150mg of gabbapentin, paracetomol and 5ml of oramorph when needed as a top up , i hate it takin it as it makes me feel odd doesnt take the pain away just makes me feel warm and relaxed i told the gp this and she explained if i take it when i need to more often and keep a diary then she can work out the right dosage of the zomorph which can hopefully help control the flare ups HOPEFULLY !!


I have hip and thigh bursitis too. It's a horror aint it!!!! Physio has always proved good and going to try acupuncture before resorting to painkiller jabs.


i have had physio and i have had an injection while having scanned at the same time but you can only have 3 in a lifetime so i am trying to hold off having anymore i have also had a injection while under exray on the other hip for experimental reasons never again both are very painful to have as the go right into the joint ouuuchh never tried or been offered acupuncture


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