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Atos - Fuming

I have been waiting for a supersession of my DLA following a recommendation from my tribunal in July last year..

I had an assessment by a Dr on 20 March. The medical seemed to go ok and she said that she would send the report through at the end of the week. She also said that I should hear within the next 3 weeks.

Due to Easter, I am kind sometimes, I have left it 5 weeks, well just about. I phoned DWP this morning, the lady on the phone was quite surprised when she got my details up. She said 'oh we actually called the assessment people today as we have not received anything'. She said that they had not sent it through and they would do. She said it is diaried for 2 May to chase up again.

As I still had details of the visit to hand I thought I would give Atos a call. I spoke to a young lad (can't say his name) who was unsure what he was doing. He questioned me having a visit on 20 March. When I confirmed that I did, with the time she was here. He said that he cannot see on the system it being received and sent off, I questioned it and said that he needs to find out what is happening and to call me back. I took his name to make sure that he would call me back.

I have received a call back from young lad to say that the Dr had actually left all her reports to be sent together and she had now sent them. I asked when they were sent, he replied the weekend. I then got a little clipped tone and said that he needs to inform his manager that information should be passed to assessors that they do not promise to send something when they know it will not be sent. I said I was not happy and I needed the complaints procedure and a call to inform me when my report is in with them.

When young chap calls me, I will ensure that he sends me a copy and then fax the report through to DWP.

What a shambles this is and I warn others to actually phone after the 2 weeks. If mine was 20 March, how far back has she gone (February, January). If I did this in my job, I would be in serious trouble.


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Something that happens in a brewery comes to mind, if you get my drift!,

I have had similar experiences and it has left me frustrated, annoyed and ultimately

Very upset.

This is something us fibro sufferers do not need!!

And it's a pity that doctor's nurses and admin don't realise this and act on it.


You can complain directly to ATOS in Leeds (they are normally quite responsive) their address is

Customer Relations Manager

Atos Healthcare - 'G' wing

Government Buildings

Block 1

Otley Road



LS16 5PU

e-mail: Customer-relations@atoshealthcare.com

Failing that their Headoffice address in London

Atos Healthcare

4 Triton Square

Regent's Place



United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7830 4444

Fax: 020 7830 4445


Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My Benefit Claim


Thank you so much for this information. I really appreciate it.



Your very welcome


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