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Paying for it now!!

well it was my best mates hen do on Sat n me bein chief bridesmaid I had to go, we all dressed up n it was hillarious but I've not been able to walk for 2 days, it even hurts to sit on the loo :-( its a good job the wedding is a month away,i hope il be ok by then, anyway i did have an amazing time but god am i paying the price coz i can't move its just not fair , think il av to take the wheelchair which pisses me off !! Hope my fellow fibro pals are ok x

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Glad you had a great night out .. Sorry you are suffering now... Take your wheel chair to the wedding .. Walk down the aisle and the. For the after party retire to your wheelchair.. Great compromise and no one would dare pinch your seat :)

Yours always looking for a positive compromise

VG x


Awww that's ace.. Well the part where you had a great time.. Not the bit where it hurts to sit on the loo lol . Bless ya. Get warm baths and try take it easy. Take care x x


My fella is great I can't get downstairs so he's doin everything bless , I think I will do that walk down the isle n just av my chair there for after thanks guys xx


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