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a few. questions

im struggling. at min ive 3 kids 2 under 5 im pushing myself toomuch and whem my boys are at sch and nursery just sleep when. i get bk home i seem tp be having flare aft flare and feeling. dizzy a lot. and the major one spasmd in my thighs making it difficult to walk i am also double jointed so i walk in a strange way. help please my doc has increased my meds preg and added amitriptaline and i take either co codmol or trmadol. and naproxen. xx

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It sounds like you are losing yourself in a midst of tasks. You need to pace yourself and sleep when you have to sleep. Is there anyone that can help you ??? eg, take your boys for an hour or so after school . I sleep in the afternoon this is a regular thing, and i am only now beginning to feel the benefit of this, i am one of the lucky ones tho for my husband is my carer and i have no young children to take care of. Its difficult i know and i understand your predicament, hopefully someone will offer you more positive advice to help you

Kira x


hiya my oh is around. but for 5 days put of 7 im exhausted im in low doses of meds going. to see physio 29 april i have no one apart from oh theres oth stuff too struggle to get put of bath wash hair etc struggle to walk sometimes but walk with. buggy i feel like a wreck. only newly diag so its a shock feel very mixed. tbh im usually a fighter but too exhaustex tp fight xx


I'm sorry to hear how much you are struggling right now. Life with 3 young children would be exhausting for anyone, let alone someone with fibro. And newly diagnosed too - that can be a challenging time.

A routine would help you if you are able to get into one, so that you sleep during the day every day at about the same time, for an hour or so, plus regular nighttime too. Pace your activities during the day. Try to find as much support as you can. People who will have your children for an hour or so on a regular basis. Don't fret about housework. Do the essentials - ignore everything else.

It's easy to sit here and say these things, not so easy to live them.

I hope you soon find you are managing your illness better.

Thinking of you.




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