Having a flare for a good part of last week my OH did the shopping as well as working and all the other jobs he does.... So he went off into town .. Then I got a phone call ... I,ve just been accosted by a Dalek..... My first thought was.... It's gins in her Dalek costume.... Then I thought no she lives miles away he's joking ... Then down the phone came the dreaded word EXTERMINATE ! Followed by this photo.....

Yup a real live Dalek roaming the town .....normally I would have been with my OH on my mobilty scooter ... My OH said good job you weren't you would have demanded a swap .... Too right .. ;)

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  • Hi VG, hope you are feeling better. Maybe it was a new FMS 'cure'? ;-)



  • Or kill ...??? The exterminate was rather menacing :)

  • its ATOS out looking for disabled to exterminate !! ;) x

  • Think you may have that the wrong way around. It's someone who's disabled looking for ATOS to exterminate them (for a change)

  • VG , the lean mean ATOS exterminating thing.......Go VG. ......... Yay :D :D :D

    Foggy. X

  • I have heard that if you play music at the ATOS Daleks, their heads blow off - VG, send your lad to serenade them with his guitar! :D

    >>> sings loudly: "I'll be calling you - oo - oo -- oo - ooooooooo!"<<<<<<

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