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Job or no job???

Had a meeting today with the headmistress of the school where I work. She said that I cant fulfill my duties and they cant employ any one to work the other part time hours. I am being put on the redeployment scheme for six weeks and after that I could be dismissed. If HR offer me a job and I don't take it that will be the same as if I resigned. If I don't go to interviews the same could happen. I love my job and that's where the trouble starts, I could be offered a job with no job satisfaction and I might not even enjoy the work. But there are no other options. Most days the only thing that keeps me going is my job. I don't want to be a pawn in a game that makes me stressed but that seems the only way to go. A phone call to my union on Monday might help, so fingers crossed..

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are you a T.A or teacher ?? there is always someone wanting a job in schools. Is it a LEA school? have you been through your county Occy Health dept?


Ask your Rep about Disability Discrimination and the Equality Act 2010. If they are not knowledgable ask for them to find a rep who is to work with you and them if necessary.


I am a learning mentor and had a few meetings with OT. She did mention Disability Discrimination and said they cannot sack me, but they can relocate me. Out with the old in with the new, made me feel like I was past it. I will wait until Monday and see what the union rep says.

Thanks for the replies...


I smell constructive dismissal going on here. Speak to your union rep.


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