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Problematic pins and ignorant doctors :(

How bad does mobility have to be before you can contact a doctor or at least make them see? My walking is increasingly getting worse to the point that I'm doing the 'toddler shuffle' and furniture cruise most days. I'm half expecting a nasty fall, but last time i told the doctor i was struggling, i didn't get much sympathy. Really don't know how to go about getting help for this, especially as i started using a walking stick against my doctors wishes - but what could i do?

Sorry for being so long winded, I'm getting desperate now that the weathers getting better and i can't even manage a trek to my child's school without the tears of pain and frustration blinding me.

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How many GPs have been like this with you? If it is just the one then I would see another one at your practice or if that isn't possible change your GP.

There is one alternative I did with great success when my very helpful GP retired and I got assigned another one at the practice..., he didnt know me .. I didnt know him... And although he is very knowledgeable about fibro he had me in tears after my first meeting with him so I got home and sat down and wrote on here how bad he had made me feel and someone told me to ask for a telephone appointment with him so I could explain how he had made me feel I couldn't do that I was too upset at the time , so I wrote him a letter telling him exactly how he had made me feel and posted it off to him the next day.... As soon as he received it he phoned me at home he was upset that I felt so bad and we made an appointment for me to go in and since then he could not have been more helpful and supportive..

Hoping this has helped you a little

VG x


At least three. I am determined they're going to listen though as i can't be stuck like this. I need to be able to get out and about. Thankyou VG xx


Hi Trae,

I hope you manage to get a consult with someone who knows about fibro!

Is your immobility because of pain, or do you have problems with actually moving? I ask this because in the mornings before I have taken pain meds, I also do the furniture cruising thing! Once I have some relief from pain I am much more mobile, tho'not as much as I would like.

Are you having adequate pain relief? That's always a good start, but you need to see a specialist in any case!

I hope you manage to find some answers soon!

Moffy x


Its a bit of both moffy. Even after taking my meds i still struggle to get around. Im limited to the meds i can be prescribed as i take an antipsychotic.


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