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What a day yesterday, question

Hi all :))

No sign of the flat but I have been told might be next week that I get it :)) finger & toes crossed.

I will have to contact the DLA when I move, does anyone know if I will get my low care taken off me. I no my family and friends will be really supportive. Once I get my flat I will be able to receive my hearing dog (once they put my name back in view of the trainer). My flat will have my aids in there ie shower or bath chair, hand rails, I have bort my doorbell as my dog will be trained to that sound. I should think that be fine.

My friend who is deaf told me that you have to tell them your worst day so eg FMS I have a flare up, my glasses are broken so I can't see my hearing dog isn't there so I'm stuck in the house can't hear the doorbell, textphone. Or even eg I was at college yesterday bored on the computer listening to my music ignoring what is going on in the class I see ppl moving everyone is putting there coats on I took my headphone out and say what's up someone told me the fire alarm was going off I couldn't hear anything. My poor support didn't no what to do as I had to go out another way as I can't use the stairs as my legs give way so I had to go the long way round. I only have 10 weeks left at college before I finish and I have only found out that the college have pagers for deaf students that vibrate when the fire alarm goes off. I only found that out cause I complained that the PEEP (personal emergency evacuation plan) isn't much good!

I reported on of my tutors for bullying and discriminating against me. I have been struggling with my hearing for the past few weeks in college waiting for some new hearing aids, I have explained to the tutor in question that I do not understand what is being said and that I don't understand what I need to do for my assignments. She told me we would deal with in after Easter. She came into lesson and told me I have more opitunities to speak to her, I haven't as she has had another lesson to go to. Anyway, she came into lesson and told myself and another student off, this other student got upset and started to cry and the tutor took me out the classroom and told me off and said go to the library with the support worker and this other student, I refused as it is to far to walk and I won't want to cause myself and pain, she then turned round and said you can walk from the refectory to the classroom but you can't walk to the library (which is on the other side of the campus) I replied no its to far and will cause me alot of pain. So the tutor stormed off I was in floods of tears. My friend suggested reporting her. My tutor chatted to my support worker then called me back outside the room and said go to the library with support or stay in the class and fail. She then replied if your not happy then report me so she must have known she was in the wrong for saying that. I ended up going to the library which caused a migraine and lower back pain all brought on by stress. (Not sure if you would class it as blackmail). Then I have woken up with pain in both hips :'( I'm totally sick of them. But all I keep thinking is I'm going on holiday in August.

Sorry for the moaning don't really have anyone else to talk to :(

Susan x

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hi susan hope you feel better soon you tutors are wrong for the way they are treating hope everything goes well with your flat take care

love beth

p.s I do understand about your needs my son is in special needs school and he is going to college in spet and I am so worried



Hope your son gets all the support he needs x


Hope you get your flat soon . Re dla they will just most likely want your new address .. I can't see it being taken off you...

I am glad you reported your tutor my son is in year 11 at school and then going on 6th form in September .... He is going to study music performance music technology and IT ... He has Asperger's syndrome and can't do English it makes no sense to him... His teacher realising he wasnt going to get a good pass in English has been most unhelpful so we have had words.....

Good luck and I hope things get better with your tutor

VG x


Thanks x


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